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Sharjah is the third largest Emirate in the UAE. Its estimated GDP is well over AED 110 billion. It is known for its tourism and industrial activities. Sharjah has three ports that meet both coastal lines of the Gulf of Arabia and the Gulf of Oman.

The Sharjah Government has set up three Free Zones for the development of economic activities. The Expo center Sharjah is also one of the key promoters in Sharjah for business activities. The Sharjah Commerce and tourism development SCTD oversees the economic and tourism developments in Sharjah.

Sharjah’s tourism 2021 vision targets attracting 10 million tourists. Tourism along with trading, import/export, oil, and construction remain popular industries in Sharjah. The investment and business opportunities in Sharjah are immense for both mainland and free zone companies.

External auditing and transparent financial conduct of business are by law necessary for all companies from any of the Audit Firms in Sharjah. The UAE commercial companies’ law requires all companies to maintain financial records for a minimum of five years. External auditing provides the necessary compliance with the UAE laws. Audit Firms in Sharjah and other Emirates are entitled for providing auditing services.

At Aviaan Accounting, we have an extensive range of accounting and auditing services. Our team of professional and experienced auditors can provide invaluable advice for your business growth.

With our professional integrity and standards, we are one of the leading and experienced auditing firm in Dubai. You can expect the best auditing services from one of the top auditing firms in Sharjah with full trust.

Benefits of Doing Business in Sharjah

Sharjah has three ports with over 49,500 sq. m of area. Manufacturing is the key industrial advantage of Sharjah that contributes almost 20% of the GDP of Sharjah. 19 industrial areas in Sharjah contribute more than 48% of the UAE industrial GDP.

With three free zone areas, you can set up a free zone company in your preferred industry best matching your needs. You can register as a mainland or free zone entity. Both types of companies provide an extensive range of business benefits.

Some key benefits of doing business in Sharjah:

  • Choice of mainland and free zone company registration
  • 100% ownership, 0% corporate and income taxes (free zone companies)
  • Diversified cultural hub
  • Three ports bordering two gulfs, the Arabian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman
  • Industrial hub with more than 19 diversified economic types of industries
  • Business center and SAIF free zone in close proximity to Dubai

Sharjah offers numerous business advantages to both existing and new investors.

Approved Auditors in Sharjah

Approved auditors in Sharjah and other Emirates provide professional auditing services to all companies. The UAE commercial companies’ law requires adherence to transparent financial conduct of business in the UAE. Small and medium-sized companies often confusingly neglect one of the most important regulatory requirements. All audit firms in Sharjah have the mandate to provide auditing services.

For companies registered with any of three free zones in Sharjah, only approved auditors in Sharjah can audit the financial statements. Most of the free zone authorities throughout the UAE, provide the list of approved auditors in Sharjah and other free zones.

An experienced and professional auditor like Aviaan can take you through the auditing process with integrity and professional services.

Why Partner with Audit Firms in Sharjah

Auditing firms in Sharjah provide auditing services that ensure the fair financial conduct of your business. Auditing and assurance provide the analyses of financial statements with verification and documentary support to the board of directors of the company. Additionally, audit firms in Sharjah with their professional experience and skills will identify the financial risks associated with your business.

The federal tax authority FTA of the UAE and other regulatory authorities require maintenance of financial records for a minimum of five years. The integrity of these financial records can only be verified by audit firms in Sharjah and other areas. Although there are no corporate taxes currently, adhering to VAT, ESR, and other regulations require auditing certificates.

Most of the free zone authorities in the UAE have already made it compulsory to provide audited financial statements. These free zone services can only be availed from the approved auditors in Sharjah and relevant free zone authorities.

Do All Companies Require Auditing Reports in Sharjah?

The common misconception with auditing services is that these services are not required by law. The UAE authorities do not require the submission of the auditing reports. However, the auditing of financial records is mandatory for all companies in the UAE.

Similarly, free zone authorities require compliance with financial regulatory laws issued by the free zone authorities and the FTA in the UAE.

We at Aviaan Auditing are a registered accounting and auditing firm in UAE, Oman, and KSA. We have a team of professionals and experienced auditors that provide the highest quality services to our clients throughout the UAE and in the Middle East region.

Aviaan Auditing will be your trusted partner for auditing services in Sharjah. If you have set up franchises or branches in other parts of UAE, we can partner with you for professional accounting and auditing services.

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