Forensic Audit in Dubai

Forensic auditing services in Dubai, UAE involves fraud detection, corporate crime, disputes, litigation, and increasingly growing data security issues. Financial crime, fraud, embezzlement, and breaches of rules and regulations are an inevitable part of any organization.

Our professional auditors’ team will help you emerge stronger with comprehensive forensic auditing services in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Backed by professional qualification and specialty skills in forensic, we will make you resilient to protect the value and build trust.

Forensic Audit Services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE – Key Areas of Service

Financial fraud, embezzlement, or breach of regulation harm a business dreadfully. Your organization’s reputation remains at risk. We can help you prepare and respond to such unwanted events. Fraudulent activities and breaches of regulations can arise from any organizational level. It requires a comprehensive approach and thorough system investigation to mitigate the risks.

Our team of professional forensics in Dubai, UAE can cover the following key business areas for you.

  • Fraud Risk Management in Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Financial Fraudulent Investigations
  • Accounting and financial regulatory compliance
  • Financial theft, embezzlement, and corruption investigations
  • Identification of Bribery and Corrupt practices
  • IT, Information Systems, and Digital Data Investigations
  • Regulatory compliance with anti-money laundering laws
  • Special Case investigations
  • Claims and dispute Management
  • Net Assets Analysis

As a competent Forensic Auditing firm in Dubai, we take the pride in providing the most valuable forensics to our clients. We aim to mitigate the financial mismanagement, fraud, and irregularities in operations.

Our Unique Approach

As a professional forensic auditing firm in Dubai, we want to help you prevent and mitigate financial crime and fraud. Each organization comes with its culture, internal controls, and policies hence require a customized approach. Our professional forensic auditors in Dubai, UAE provide insights through experience gained with conducting financial theft, fraud, and investigations over the years.

Here are some key steps in our unique approach to Forensic Auditing Services in Dubai.


We take a proactive approach to prepare your organization to fight financial crime, fraud, bribery, irregularities, and misconduct. We provide forensic advisory services with unmatched skills and industry experience.


Our forensic audit includes a thorough investigation of organizational controls. We conduct special event investigations to examine the suspected financial transactions.

We aim to provide qualitative and quantifiable investigative reports so that your business can assess the risks. The foundation of a strong lawsuit will depend on the quality of the investigation report. Our professional Forensic Auditors in Dubai, UAE will ensure to collect relevant data, preserve facts, and help you in recoveries.

Response and Control

Our professional and experienced forensic auditors in Dubai will provide you concrete, actionable, and effective control plan. We aim to provide you objective and authoritative solutions to the financial complexities of disputes.

The Benefits of Forensic Audit Services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE

We aim to provide you a forensic audit services in Dubai that reduces costs of litigation and losses to your businesses. Our professional forensic audit services can bring you the following benefits.

  • Control fraud, corruption, and irregularities.
  • Rebuild Business Reputation.
  • Build agile and reliable response to financial misconduct.
  • Devise an effective and reliable strategy.
  • Special investigations to build strong lawsuit cases with evidence and facts.
  • Help your business manage the crises.
  • Expert advice in dispute and litigation matters.