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Dubai pulsates with entrepreneurial energy. But in this thriving marketplace, understanding your business’s true worth is crucial. Whether you’re eyeing lucrative acquisitions, strategic mergers, investor pitches, or a savvy exit, Aviaan stands out as a top Business Valuation company in Dubai.

  • Comprehensive Valuation Suite: We offer a full spectrum of services, including:
    • Company Valuations: Accurately assessing the fair market value of your entire business, considering financial performance, assets, market trends, and future growth potential.
    • Intangible Asset Valuations: Uncovering the hidden value of your intellectual property, brand, and other intangible assets.
    • Litigation Support: Providing expert witness services in legal disputes involving business valuation issues.
    • Transaction Advisory: Guiding you through complex mergers, acquisitions, and other financial transactions with informed valuation insights.
  • Unlocking Benefits Beyond Numbers:
    • Informed Decision-Making: Our valuations empower you to make confident choices about your business, maximizing value in every move, be it selling at the right price, attracting high-impact investors, or negotiating favorable terms in a merger.
    • Risk Mitigation: By understanding your true worth, you can proactively mitigate financial risks and make strategic decisions for sustainable growth.
    • Enhanced Credibility: A professionally prepared valuation report from Aviaan adds weight and legitimacy to your business, strengthening your position in negotiations and investor pitches.
    • Tax Optimization: Leveraging our expertise can help you optimize your tax planning and minimize liabilities.

Choosing right business valuation company in Dubai is a critical step towards securing your business’s future. Aviaan, with its blend of industry expertise, local knowledge, and client-centric approach, stands as your trusted partner on this journey.

Expert Business Valuation Company in Dubai

While you might decide to conduct the process in-house, but there are higher chances of errors in such situations. This is where the need for a top valuation firm in Dubai, UAE comes. With their experienced and knowledgeable team members, these professional valuation firms also complete the company valuation process in-time and without any errors. If you are looking for best business valuation companies in Dubai, then your search ends with us. Aviaan is a leading business valuation company in Dubai, offering services all over UAE. As one of the largest business valuation services provider in Dubai, UAE, our expert consultants are able to manage your requirements with extreme ease and help you make your final decisions in an informed manner.

Business valuation companies in Dubai, UAE are sought not only for business own requirements but also for financial reporting, compliance, and litigation purpose. Only a business valuation company in Dubai with a stellar record can offer an unbiased, objective, and independent opinion regarding the value of the company.

Valuation Companies in Dubai

Guidelines for Business Valuation Companies in Dubai to Carry Out Business Valuation

We know that understanding the value of your business is very important, even if it is not meant for any business transactions like selling your business or for inheritance purposes. Business valuation companies in Dubai make you aware of the real standing of your business in present market scenarios. Our team uses multiple methods like market capitalization, times revenue method, liquidation value, and other approved processes while carrying out business valuation services in Dubai.

Among the several methods adopted by business valuation companies in Dubai, UAE, the best suited method will be decided based on the business model, key-value proposition, management team, customer base, etc. of the company. Our business valuation company in Dubai focused its efforts on understanding the underlying needs of the clients by studying their business model and working in close collaboration with the clients to figure out the best business valuation approach in Dubai, UAE. This ensures that the business valuation service we are offering is realistic and in accordance with the needs of the client. Aviaan Accounting is one such business valuation company in Dubai that provides client specific services to cater to their needs in the best possible way.

Top Business Valuation Methods

Definition Pros Cons
Market Value Method The method determines the value of a business by comparing it to similar businesses It is a good preliminary approach to gain an understanding of what your business might be worth The method only works for businesses that can access sufficient market data on their competitors
Asset-Based Method Going Concern

(Businesses that plan to continue operating)

It considers a business’s total net asset value, minus the value of its total liabilities, according to the balance sheet. The entity’s business value can be much higher compared to when its existing assets are disposed of item by item The method disregards a company’s prospective earnings by just focusing on the assets and fails to show an appropriate value in all situations
Liquidation Value

(Businesses that are going into liquidation )

The value is based on the net cash that would exist if the business was terminated and the assets were sold The liquidation method operates with a sort of urgency that other formulas don’t necessarily take into account The value of a business’s assets will likely be lower than usual as liquidation value often amounts to much less than fair market value
ROI-Based Method The method evaluates the value of a company based on the company’s profit and ROI It makes sense as an investor wants to know what their return on investment will look like before they invest The method needs more information to convince an investor or buyer of the result of the valuation of a business
Discounted Cash Flow Method The method values a business based on its projected cash flow, adjusted or discounted to its present value The DCF method can be particularly useful if profits are not expected to remain consistent in the future The DCF method requires significant detail and careful calculations to arrive at the value
Capitalization of Earnings Method The method calculates a business’s future profitability based on its cash flow, annual ROI, and value It works best for stable businesses, as the formula assumes that profitability remains consistent The Capitalization method is not useful if profits are expected to change regularly  in the future
Multiples of Earnings Method The valuation method calculates a business’s maximum worth by assigning a multiplier to its current revenue. It works best for stable businesses, as the formula assumes that profitability remains consistent The Multiples of  valuation method is not useful if profits are expected to change regularly  in the future
Book Value Valuation Method The method calculates the value of  business at a given moment in time by looking at the balance sheet The book value approach may be particularly useful if the business has low profits, but valuable assets The book value approach is not useful for service providing business that makes huge profits, but no valuable assets

What purpose does business valuation in UAE serve?

The valuation of a business in Dubai requires considering various factors like transactions, assets, liabilities, location, management, and many more. The purpose of business valuation in UAE is to clarify the business worth according to the present market conditions and help make beneficial decisions for mergers and acquisitions. The other aims are getting loan approvals by better presenting the business situation, aiding in business restructuring, supporting decision making, and helping interested investors make favorable decisions to invest.

What factors are considered when valuing a business in Dubai, UAE?

Business valuation in Dubai, UAE takes into account several key factors, including the company’s financial performance, assets, liabilities, market conditions, industry trends, and the economic climate in the region. Additionally, factors such as the business’s reputation, customer base, and growth potential play a significant role in determining its value. Local regulations and compliance requirements are also crucial considerations when conducting a valuation.

What are the needs of business valuation in the UAE?

Business valuation in UAE refers to the process of determining the current worth of a company, taking into consideration factors like assets, liabilities, income, management, and the location that the company holds, and the techniques used to determine value. Business valuation demands high-level financial analysis, which should be undertaken by a qualified valuation professional with the relevant credentials. The cost of doing business valuation in Dubai is an attractive and profitable investment. Sometimes it may save millions by paying the right price or even by taking the right decision not to invest in an unworthy business.

Do I need a business valuation for legal purposes in the UAE?

Yes, business valuations are often required for legal purposes in the UAE. They may be necessary for various reasons, such as mergers and acquisitions, disputes among business partners, inheritance and estate planning, tax assessments, and regulatory compliance. Accurate valuations are essential to ensure fair and transparent transactions and to comply with UAE’s legal and financial regulations. Consulting with a professional valuation firm like Aviaan can help ensure that your business valuation is conducted correctly and meets the necessary legal requirements.

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Business Valuation Services FAQs

Education and specific training is the threshold requirement owing to the complexity of many business valuation assignments, even though critical.

Business owners and their advisors should examine a mix of qualities. A firm that supports business valuation with proper documentation to withstand critical observation. Valuation firms having the ability to produce well-documented written reports and analyze unique fact situations. They need to be responsive to client needs.

Business Valuation takes between 60 to 90 days after receiving the requested information from the client. Requests for expedited service are possible.

Business Valuation is rated on an individual basis depending on the specifics of the valuation. It can go upward based on the complexity, timing, and uncertainty associated with each project. The vast majority of valuation projects follow a flat charge basis.

Yes, but only to the extent accounting professionals hold both specific training and meaningful experience. A few professionals only have the requisite training and expertise required by well-read users of business valuation. Accounting professionals may satisfy the specifications. Although, they also perform several tasks for clients resulting in an impression of lack of independence.

A well-prepared business valuation is pivotal in various circumstances like reporting, compliance, and legal matters. The expense associated with a well-documented business valuation renders benefits that exceed the cost of the valuation.


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