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Before embarking on any new venture, thorough planning is crucial. A feasibility study serves as your roadmap to success, providing a comprehensive analysis of the viability of your business idea. It meticulously examines various factors, from market demand and financial projections to operational practicality and potential risks. By conducting a feasibility study, you gain valuable insights to make informed decisions about launching, refining, or even abandoning your proposed project. This structured approach helps you identify opportunities, mitigate challenges, and ultimately increase your chances of achieving your business goals.

Aviaan, a leading Feasibility Study services firm, stands out as the ideal Feasibility Study Consultant for your venture for following reasons:

  • Client-Centric: Tailored studies that meet your specific business needs.
  • Unmatched Expertise: Experienced professionals with deep knowledge of the Dubai market.
  • Data-Driven Approach: Concrete recommendations backed by research and analysis.
  • Clear Communication: Stay informed throughout the entire Feasibility Study process.
  • Competitive Advantage: Gain valuable insights to optimize your business strategy.

Aviaan has provided Feasibility Study services for several businesses such as Clinic, Hospital, Supermarket, Grocery Shop, Residential and Commercial Building, Hotel,  Car Rental, School, University,  Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Gaming, Fishing, Medical Devices, E-commerce, Warehouse, Restaurant, Cafe, Theme Park, Fintech, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Bakery, Catering company, Furniture Store, Facility Management, etc.

Why choose a Feasibility Study Company in Dubai UAE?

Feasibility Study is the first step in starting a new project or business. It evaluates if the project is viable and if it has the potential to be successful or not. It gathers data and information that helps business owners and project managers make important decisions regarding the project.

The main purpose of conducting a feasibility study in Dubai UAE is to analyze and evaluate the feasibility of a new venture based on various factors. Let us understand the purpose of a bankable feasibility study:

  • Estimated project cost – Feasibility Study in Dubai UAE evaluates the total cost of the project or venture. Renowned feasibility study companies in Dubai can help you accurately determine this, ensuring your venture generates enough revenue to cover these expenses.
  • When can we expect the business to give returns – Businesses do not start giving results at the beginning. Every business goes through a phase where it is still in the gestation period and does not generate enough revenue. Knowing this gestation period helps businesses arrange the required amount of working capital.
  • Is there a good market for the proposed project – Before starting a venture, it is important to determine if there is a good and stable market for the product and services that the project aims to provide.
  • Are there enough potential consumers of the product – A feasibility study also involves determining if there are enough potential customers for the products and the market size.
  • Likely competitors of the project – The feasibility study also aims at identifying the major competitors who offer similar products and services as the proposed plan.
  • The amount that customers would pay for the product – It also helps you determine the amount that the customers would be willing to pay for the products and services.
  • What are the potential risks in the business – The feasibility study involves identifying the potential risks of taking up the project, and the threats and opportunities associated with it.
  • What are the expected profits – The bottom line matters! Feasibility study firms in Dubai utilize data-driven insights to predict your project’s profitability, ensuring your venture flourishes from the start.
Feasibility Study Companies in Dubai UAE
Feasibility Study Company in Dubai UAE

How to conduct a Feasibility Study in Dubai UAE?

Now that you are aware of the importance, benefits, and types of feasibility studies, the question that remains is how to conduct it. Given below are the steps to be followed while which feasibility study companies in Dubai follow:

  • Conduct a preliminary analysis – This is the first step involved in the preliminary analysis. You must start by making a project plan. The project plan must focus on meeting the needs of the target customers. It should have a unique selling point and a competitive advantage over others. It should also determine the market size for the product and does it fit the requirements.
  • Prepare a projected profit and loss statement – The next step is to prepare a projected statement of income and expenditure. You have to work backward and determine how much you can earn by providing the product or service. For this, you need to take into account the cost of the project.
  • Conduct extensive market research – The next step is to conduct comprehensive market research. Conducting thorough market research is of utmost importance for your business. It will help you get a clear picture of the expected revenues, geographic influence on the market, competitors, and the market size.
  • Organize your business and operations – Once you have made the plan, the next step is to organize your business resources. It should include all the costs involved in the project like equipment, real estate, personnel, and raw material availability.

  • Prepare an opening day balance sheet – Once you have organized the resources, you should prepare an opening day balance sheet. This balance sheet should consist of an estimate of the assets and liabilities that will be required for the successful completion of the project.
  • Analyze all the data collected – After conducting the entire analysis, it is time to review it for the last time and analyze all the data collected. Make the necessary changes if required in the project. See if everything is in place. Check your income statement with expenses and liabilities to see if it is realistic. A top Feasibility Study company in UAE can develop detailed Financial Forecast for the project.
  • Make a decision – The last step is to gather all the findings and analysis together to arrive at a decision. Decide whether committing to this new project is worth all the time, money, and effort. Then, make a go or no-go decision.

Best Feasibility Study company in Dubai, follow all the above steps meticulously to provide you with the best results.

What exactly does leading Feasibility Study Consulting firm in Dubai UAE offer?

A leading feasibility study company in Dubai, like Aviaan, can empower your entrepreneurial journey in Dubai. Their comprehensive services provide a roadmap for informed decision-making, ensuring your business thrives in this dynamic market.

These services typically include:

  • Market Analysis: Aviaan, with its market research expertise, can evaluate market trends, competition, and growth potential to help you identify the right opportunity.
  • Technical Feasibility: They assess technical requirements, resource availability, and operational feasibility, ensuring your business idea is practical and achievable.
  • Financial Analysis: Aviaan’s financial acumen is invaluable in developing financial models and conducting investment analyses. They’ll help you understand the financial viability of your venture.
  • Legal and Regulatory Considerations: Navigating Dubai’s legal landscape can be complex. A Dubai-based feasibility study services company can ensure your business operates within the legal framework and identify potential risks.
  • Risk Assessment: Aviaan will help you proactively address challenges by identifying potential risks and developing mitigation strategies.
  • Environmental and Social Impact Analysis: Understanding your project’s impact is crucial. A Dubai feasibility study company can guide you through environmental and social considerations.

Leading Dubai feasibility study firms go beyond analysis. They often provide strategic advisory, project management support, and implementation assistance to turn your vision into reality. Partnering with a reputable Dubai firm like Aviaan can equip you with the knowledge and confidence to navigate the exciting world of business in Dubai.

Invest in your business future. Partner with Aviaan, a leading Feasibility Study Company in Dubai. Contact us today for a consultation at +971567952590 or info@aviaanaccounting.com!

Sample Template Feasibility Study

The feasibility study sample provides a condensed overview of the project’s key details and findings. It summarizes the results of separate analyses conducted in the areas of marketing potential, technical viability, and financial projections. This condensed information helps decision-makers assess the project’s overall practicality and potential for success. For expansion projects, the feasibility study sample also clarifies the relationship between the existing project and the expansion plans, outlining how they connect in terms of facilities, products, and production capacity.

Please contact us if you want to refer a Sample Feasibility Study

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is a feasibility study and why is it important for Dubai projects?

A: A feasibility study evaluates the viability, cost, and risks of a proposed project in Dubai. It provides crucial insights and recommendations before committing resources, helping identify roadblocks, assess demand, analyze financials, and determine the likelihood of success.

Q: What are the key components of a Dubai feasibility study?

A: Key components include market analysis, technical assessment, financial analysis, legal/regulatory review, risk assessment, and environmental/social impact analysis.

Q: How to conduct a feasibility study?

The process of writing a feasibility study can be broken down into several steps:

  1. Define the Project: Clearly outline the project’s goals, scope, and desired outcomes.
  2. Gather Information: Conduct thorough research, collect data, and consult with relevant experts.
  3. Analyze Findings: Evaluate the collected data and information to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT analysis).
  4. Develop Recommendations: Based on your analysis, formulate clear recommendations regarding the project’s future.
  5. Present the Study: Compile your findings and recommendations into a professional and well-organized report for stakeholders.

Q: How much does a feasibility study cost?

The cost of a feasibility study can vary significantly depending on several factors:

  • Project Complexity: More intricate projects with numerous moving parts will typically require a more comprehensive study, driving up the cost.
  • Level of Detail: The desired level of detail in the feasibility study can influence the cost. A high-level overview will be less expensive than an in-depth analysis.
  • Use of External Consultants: Hiring external consultants with specialized expertise can add to the overall cost.

The cost of a feasibility study can range from a few thousand dollars for a simple project with an internal team to tens of thousands of dollars for a complex project requiring external consultants.

Q: Give example of Feasibility Study Template?

Below Feasibility Study template outlines the key sections for a feasibility study:

Executive Summary: Briefly introduce your project, summarize key findings, and state recommendations (proceed, modify, abandon).

Project Description: Explain your project (product/service, target market, problem solved, timeline).

Market Analysis: Define your target market, analyze competition, and identify relevant industry trends.

Technical Feasibility: Describe technical requirements, assess your capabilities, and address potential challenges.

Financial Projections: Estimate project costs, develop financial forecasts (revenue, break-even, ROI), and analyze financial viability.

Risk Assessment: Identify potential risks and develop mitigation strategies.

Conclusion & Recommendations: Restate project feasibility conclusions and provide clear recommendations (proceed, modify, abandon) with next steps (if applicable).

Q: How do I choose the right feasibility study firm for my Dubai project?

A: Consider factors like industry expertise, local knowledge, proven track record, tailored solutions, advanced methodologies, team qualifications, pricing transparency, and post-study advisory support.


Feasibility Studies conducted in Dubai UAE:


  • Bakery
  • Catering Company
  • Convenience Store
  • Clothing Boutique
  • Department Store
  • Florist
  • Furniture Store
  • Jewelry Store
  • Sporting Goods Store
  • Toy Store

Hospitality & Tourism:

  • Hotel
  • Resort
  • Bed and Breakfast
  • Travel Agency
  • Tour Operator
  • Theme Park
  • Amusement Park
  • Hotel Apartment


  • Car Rental
  • Cleaning Service
  • Construction Management
  • Consulting
  • Event Planning
  • Facility Management
  • Gym/Fitness Center
  • Hair Salon
  • IT Services
  • Landscaping
  • Laundromat
  • Legal Services
  • Marketing Agency
  • Pet Sitting/Walking
  • Property Management
  • Real Estate
  • Security Services
  • Spa
  • Taxi Service, Limousine Service


  • School
  • University
  • Online Education Platform
  • Language Learning Center


  • Clinic (variety of specialties)
  • Hospital
  • Dental Practice
  • Veterinary Clinic
  • Medical Devices Manufacturer
  • Pharmaceutical Company
  • Mental Health Services


  • Fintech Startup
  • Insurance Company


  • Software Development Company
  • App Development Company
  • Artificial Intelligence Company
  • Data Analytics Company

Food & Beverage:

  • Restaurant (various cuisines)
  • Cafe
  • Food Truck
  • Catering Company
  • Grocery Store


  • Warehouse
  • Freight Forwarding Company
  • Delivery Service
  • Shipping Company


  • Food & Beverage Manufacturing
  • Clothing Manufacturing
  • Construction Materials Manufacturing


  • Supermarket
  • Agricultural Farm
  • Construction Company
  • Media & Entertainment Company
  • Renewable Energy Company (solar panel installation)
  • Non-profit Organization
  • Childcare Center
  • Coworking Space
  • Car Wash
  • Recycling Plant
Food & Beverages Agriculture & Allied Industries Chemicals & Materials Energy & Power Building Materials & Construction Metals & Mining
Bakery & Confectionery Crop Production Petrochemicals Oil & Gas Cement Iron & Steel
Meat & Poultry Horticulture  Specialty Chemicals  Coal Concrete   Aluminum
Seafood Plantation Crops Industrial Gases Renewable Energy Steel   Copper
Dairy Products Livestock Paints & Coatings Thermal Power   Glass         Zinc
Fruits & Vegetables Poultry Adhesives & Sealants Hydropower  Bricks & Blocks          Lead
 Snacks & Savory Dairy Plastics & Polymers Wind Power   Roofing Materials        Nickel
Sauces, Dressings & Condiments Fisheries Rubber & Elastomers Solar Power  Insulation Materials    Tin
 Frozen Foods Forestry Lubricants Geothermal Energy Floor Coverings          Precious Metals (Gold, Silver, Platinum)
Canned & Preserved Foods Agricultural Equipment Dyes & Pigments Bioenergy Wall Coverings      Rare Earth Metals
 Soft Drinks Fertilizers & Agrochemicals Surfactants Mining  Interior Finishes       Coal Mining
Alcoholic Beverages  Seeds Agro Chemicals Energy Storage Exterior Finishes           Metal Casting
Tea & Coffee Animal Feed Water Treatment Chemicals Smart Grid  Doors & Windows            Metal Forging
Nutraceuticals Farm Management Software Nanotechnology Transmission & Distribution  HVAC Systems            Metal Fabrication
Dietary Supplements Precision Farming Textile Chemicals Power Rental   Plumbing & Piping       Metal Processing
 Baby Food Hydroponics  Construction Chemicals Fuel Cells Electrical Systems         Mining Equipment
 Pet Food Organic Farming Paper & Pulp Power Plant Equipment   Lighting Systems          Mineral Exploration
Functional Foods  Floriculture Ceramic Materials Drilling Services Fire & Safety Systems        Mineral Processing
Organic Food & Beverages Sericulture  Refractories Well Intervention Elevators & Escalators         Underground Mining
Natural & Herbal Products Apiculture Explosives Oilfield Chemicals Prefabricated Buildings        Surface Mining
Food Processing Machinery  Mushroom Farming Industrial Salts Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Green Building Materials
 Food Packaging Carbon & Graphite Shale Gas   Building Automation Systems
Food Service & Catering Biocides & Disinfectants Tight Oil   Construction Machinery
Tobacco Corrosion Inhibitors Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Scaffolding & Formwork
Food Ingredients Catalysts Offshore Drilling     Construction Tools
Chemical Tankers Pipelines     Construction Chemicals
Chemical Distribution Refineries       Construction Adhesives
Specialty Minerals Exploration & Production (E&P)    Modular Construction
Composites Upstream Oil & Gas      Precast Concrete
  Midstream Oil & Gas         Sustainable Construction
 Downstream Oil & Gas       Infrastructure Development
Automotive & Transportation Medical & Healthcare Manufacturing Consumer goods & Services Telecoms & Computing Transportation
Passenger Cars Pharmaceuticals Machinery Clothing Data storage & management       Commercial Aviation
  Commercial Vehicles  Biopharmaceuticals Logistics Personal care Software        Aerospace & Defense
     Electric Vehicles Generics Engineering Household Internet of things & M2M          Marine Transportation
    Hybrid Vehicles   Biosimilars Manufacturing & Industry Sporting goods & equipment Telecommunications & networks         Rail Transportation
      Autonomous Vehicles     Prescription Drugs Retail Computing & technology       Intelligent Transportation Systems
     Automotive Electronics   Over-the-Counter (OTC) Drugs Consumer services IT security       Logistics & Supply Chain
       Automotive Sensors    Vaccines Travel & Tourism Internet & e-commerce       Warehousing & Storage
      Automotive Lighting      Regenerative Medicine Media & Entertainment      Freight Forwarding
         Automotive Interiors   Gene Therapy Consumer Electronics Courier, Express & Parcel Services
        Automotive Exteriors     Medical Devices   Cold Chain Logistics
          Automotive Paints & Coatings      Surgical Equipment    Fleet Management
        Automotive Plastics         Orthopedic Devices     Shipping & Maritime
       Automotive Lubricants   Cardiovascular Devices    Port & Terminal Operations
            Automotive Glass   Diagnostic Imaging  Cargo Handling Equipment
             Automotive Tires     In-Vitro Diagnostics   Air Cargo
            Automotive Batteries Ophthalmology Devices   Intermodal Transportation
        Automotive Fuel Systems  Dental Equipment
       Automotive Aftermarket Hospital Supplies
           Automotive Repair & Maintenance  Home Healthcare
        Automotive Logistics  Healthcare IT
           Automotive Leasing  Telehealth
        Automotive Financing Medical Tourism
            Automotive Telematics  Clinical Trials
    Automotive Software  Drug Discovery
      Automotive Cybersecurity Medical Wearables
Digital Health
 Elderly Care
Baby Care
Therapeutic area
Hospital Management

This list is not exhaustive, but it gives a much broader picture of team’s expertise in conducting feasibility studies across a diverse range of industries.

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