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HR Consultancy

Aviaan Accounting works in collaboration with clients to develop customized and robust HR frameworks, policies, and processes aligned to HR requirements and the corporate strategy of the client business. Moreover, we deliver:

  • Specialist advise and professional resources
  • Payroll and recruitment management solution
  • Guidance on HR policy and strategy
  • Reward, performance, and organization design
  • Cost-effective and timely HR consultancy

Having a proficient and experienced outsourced HR team in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE is a must for each company because they contribute towards the growth and development of the business.

Leading HR Consultancy Services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE

Dubai has become one of the biggest economic centers in the world with companies from all over the world, having its presence in the megacity. The infrastructure, amenities, and facilities available for businesses in the emirate are second to none and provide equal opportunities for all types of businesses in Abu Dhabi, UAE to succeed. But Dubai is a place where the laws of the government are to be followed strictly. The authorities in Dubai have specified rules and regulations that all businesses operating in Dubai must comply with. Any discrepancy can lead to legal implications and cause a lot of trouble for the business owner in Dubai, UAE.

Human resources in Abu Dhabi, UAE are one such business area that is pivotal to the eventual success of the business. After all, you cannot imagine achieving success in your venture without having the right team by your side. Without human capital, companies in Dubai, UAE will never be able to thrive as it is this workforce that manages different business processes so that the company runs smoothly. The more organized the workforce is, the better it gets for the company. But in Dubai, you must also take care of the various laws that govern the rights of employees of private organizations. With so much already on your plate, managing the entire HR department by yourself can be a bit intimidating. That is why you must seek the services of a professional HR consultancy service in Dubai for effective solutions to your human capital issues.

Guidelines on importance of HR Consultancy Services in Dubai for business

HR consultancy in Abu Dhabi, UAE is very important for companies that want to grow very fast and ensure full compliance with the local laws. A professional human resource consultancy firm in Dubai, UAE assures proper management of the workforce in the company and helps with improving the performance of the workforce by hiring more skilled employees and distributing the workload among them equally and strategically so that less time is wasted and not one section of the workforce feels the load of work. Apart from human capital management in Abu Dhabi, UAE, entities offering HR consultancy in Dubai also offer training to employees for your benefit. New technology can be intimidating for employees, and they make sure that each and every employee is fully equipped with the desired skills when he/she joins the duty. Most importantly, outsourcing your HR work in Dubai, UAE will not only save your time but will also make the company’s growth your main area of focus. Their team of professionals makes sure that there are no obstacles in the path of boosting the performance of your HR department.

Update on HR Consultancy services in Dubai, UAE offered by Aviaan Accounting

At Aviaan Accounting, we offer a comprehensive range of HR consultancy services in Dubai for our clients, including but not limited to the following: –

  • Human resource management in Dubai, UAE: Managing employees in terms of the work assigned to them, hiring new employees, improving their performance, and making sure each business process is carried out efficiently.
  • Establishing a communication channel with your employees: We communicate with your employees and take their feedback in terms of working conditions, their satisfaction, behavior, and other such things. We study the feedbacks and handle the result so that you can adapt to it.
  • Training the HR Department in Abu Dhabi, UAE: We train your HR department with the latest technological tools and software for improved performance. We also undertake all the important steps that will improve the department’s performance.
  • Professionally manage HR work: We manage all the HR functions in Dubai, UAE for your company at extremely affordable prices. You do not have to think about managing various HR functions because we will do it for you more efficiently with our professional team. The performance of your HR department in Abu Dhabi, UAE certainly has an impact on business performance, and we will make sure that your HR department works at an optimized level.

What are the benefits of hiring Aviaan HR consultancy services in Dubai, UAE 2021?

Here are some of the benefits that you will avail of our professional HR consultancy services in Dubai: –

  • A comprehensive range of HR services in Dubai, UAE at affordable pricing.
  • Skilled HR consultants in Abu Dhabi, UAE equipped with the latest knowledge about the domain.
  • We take care of all HR functions for your business. We offer training to your HR department, train your new employees, conduct human resource research in Dubai, UAE, hire skilled employees for your company, manage your human capital, and advise human resource management strategies.
  • We make sure that HR systems and technologies are implemented in your company, and employees have trained adequately on how to make the most of the latest HR technology.

At Aviaan Accounting, we aim to provide high-quality human resource management services in Dubai, UAE at affordable prices accessible to our clients. We know how important human resources are when it comes to managing and carrying out various business processes and work round the clock to ensure that you never face any hassles with your HR requirements in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

If you have any questions or queries regarding our HR consultancy services in Dubai, get in touch with us. Our experts can certainly help you with the requirements. Contact us now at or +971567952590

Human Resource Management Process

Steps in HR Management Details
Recruitment & selection Creating a mechanism that alerts for recruiting when a new position is created, or an existing position opens up Use of different selection instruments that are interviews, assessments, reference checks, and others Deploying pre-selection tools that help to find suitable candidates and interviewing them  in-depth in time of need
Performance management Setting up a robust structure that enables employees to get feedback on their performance to reach a better employee performance Using an annual performance management cycle, that involves planning, monitoring, reviewing, and rewarding employee performance Identifying employees who consistently underperform as they are not a good fit with the company and/or culture and should be laid off
Learning & development Incorporating a system of Learning & Development (L&D) for employees can help advance the long-term goals Creating pre-defined budgets for L&D efforts and distribution amongst various programmers for benefit of employees Establishing a framework that connects performance management with L&D activities to improve L&D efforts
Succession planning Establishing a process of planning contingencies in case of key employees leaving the company Creating a plan based on performance ratings and L&D efforts that results in the creation of a talent pipeline Building and nurturing the pipeline of talented and qualified employees is key to good people management.
Compensation and benefits Creation of a compensation scheme for employees that includes directly paid money for work, which often is a monthly salary and sometimes performance-based pay. Structuring non-monetary rewards like holidays, electronics, and much more.
HR Information Systems An HRIS supports all the functions including Performance, Learning, and Compensation Integrating all these functionalities can often be done in one single system – the HRIS and splitting the management of these functionalities into different HR systems
HR data and analytics Establishing a mechanism to keep track of critical data through HR metrics or HR KPIs that help measure performance Helping focus on the current and past state of the organization by using HR analytics for making predictions about the future Helping HR makes more data-driven decisions that are objective, which makes it easier to find management support for these decisions.

HR Consultancy Services FAQs

One of the prime advantages of engaging HR consulting firms is that it is cost-effective, as one gets the entire human resource expertise inside an affordable package. They can provide a solution of just a particular aspect, as one does not always need a full-time HR team but timely help offered by an HR consultant. Many entrepreneurs choose to concentrate on their core business and opt to outsource HR services for effective people management.

An HR consultancy firm resolves any organizational concerns. The unique aspect is not merely customized HR assistance. They also play the part of an incubator for new businesses. Firms provide employer branding services taking charge of the end-to-end online status of the enterprise.

We render an all-in-one, customizable collection of mechanisms, policies, processes, documents, and templates. The vital step is studying, analyzing, and understanding the issues in a business. We have formulated this intending to make them self-sufficient in their organization management. We provide solutions for all business issues.

We believe in a flexible offering of our support. Clients may need a dedicated HR consultant who will directly work with them without any external intrusion. Our expert HR consultants will be ready to help you.

We understand the significance and obligation of company data confidentiality. Therefore, along with our dedicated HR assistance, we also extend the promise of keeping company data classified.


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