Market Research and Feasibility Study for Tourism Company in Dubai UAE and KSA

Here is an outline for a market research and feasibility study for a tourism company looking to operate in Dubai, UAE and Saudi Arabia (KSA)

Overview of key findings and recommendations

The executive summary covering some key findings and recommendations for a tourism company looking to operate in Dubai and Saudi Arabia:

Key Findings:

  • The tourism industry in the UAE and KSA is expected to see strong growth over the next decade driven by government initiatives like Saudi Vision 2030 and the Dubai Tourism Strategy 2022.
  • Both markets have a strong demand for luxury tourism and hospitality services given the increasing incomes and appetite for premium experiences.
  • Competition is high among existing hospitality players but there are opportunities in providing highly personalized and niche tourism experiences.
  • People between 25-44 make up 50%+ of both markets, indicating an opportunity to target millennials and young families.


  • Establish the tourism company headquarters in Dubai to leverage the existing infrastructure, policies, and talent pool already established.
  • Provide curated luxury packages focused on specialty areas like eco-tourism, wellness tourism, adventure tourism targeting the high-income professionals segment.
  • Consider strategic partnerships with existing players to establish operations and leverage networks/clientele. Partnerships also help mitigate risks.
  • Utilize technology, apps, social media, influencers as key marketing channels given rising digital adoption. Focus should be on showcasing authentic experiences.
  • Hire local Emirati and Saudi staff for key roles to maintain cultural relevance. Also invest heavily in tour guides and their education.

We recommend proceeding with this business opportunity contingent upon procuring risk capital of $5 million+ to establish operations and sustaining initial losses during customer acquisition. The long-term growth forecasts make this investment viable.

Market Analysis

A. Tourism Industry Overview

  • Key tourism metrics and growth numbers for both countries
    • Arrivals, receipts, occupancy rates
    • Performance over last 5 years
    • Forecasts for next 5-10 years
  • Government initiatives impacting industry
    • Like Saudi Vision 2030, UAE Tourism Strategy 2022
  • SWOT analysis
    • Strengths like infrastructure, government initiatives
    • Weaknesses like oil price impacts, seasonality
  • Competitive analysis
    • Leading hospitality and tour companies
    • Their offerings, strengths, weaknesses

B. Target Customer Analysis

  • Demographic profile
    • Age, income, geography, family size
  • Psychographics
    • Values luxury experiences, cultural exploration
    • Active on social media
  • Behavior
    • Books high-end accommodations
    • Seeks customization and personalization
    • Focused on reviews and recommendations

C. Market Size Estimates

  • Estimate total market value
    • Categorize by locals/expats, regions etc.
  • Forecasted growth yearly
    • Account for major events and tourism policy impacts
    • Provide low/medium/high growth estimates

Proposed Business Model and Offerings

Here is an overview of the Proposed Business Model and Offerings section for a tourism company looking to operate in Dubai and Saudi Arabia:

Proposed Business Model:

  • Luxury niche tourism company focused on providing highly personalized and authentic local experiences
  • Target the high-end professional demographic with customized exclusive tours
  • Focus on three core areas:
    1. Eco-tourism packages
    2. Wellness tourism packages
    3. Experiential/Adventure tourism
  • Packages will be premium priced and positioned as exclusive luxury escapes
  • Leverage strategic partnerships with 5-star hotels and transportation providers



  • Private safari trips showcasing unique native species
  • Conservation efforts + animal encounters
  • Glamping under the stars in luxury permanent tents
  • Desert conservation adventures + dune bashing

Wellness Tourism

  • Pampering getaways at award-winning spa resorts
  • Integrative wellness packages covering nutrition, yoga, meditation
  • Preventative health testing and spiritual healing offerings
  • Concierge services of health experts

Adventure Tourism

  • Deep sea diving expeditions with pro divers
  • Private chartered balloon rides over iconic landmarks
  • Surfing lessons with championship instructors
  • Culture explorations with trained historians/guides

The business will focus on end-to-end customization based on traveler interests and needs while emphasizing sustainable practices.

Financial Analysis and Projections

Let us deep dive into Financial Analysis and Projections section for a feasibility study for a tourism company in Dubai and Saudi Arabia:

A. Key Assumptions

  • Target customers per year
  • Average revenue per customer
  • Growth rates per revenue stream
  • Estimated operational expenses
  • Staffing requirements and payroll costs
  • Office space and equipment requirements

B. Startup Costs

  • Market research and planning
  • Incorporation and licensing
  • Hiring and HR setup
  • Office space rent and deposits
  • Furnishings and equipment
  • Initial marketing and promotion
  • Contingency buffer

C. Forecasts

  • Annual enrollment/customer forecasts
  • Revenue projections per offerings
  • Separate fixed vs variable costs
  • Projected profit/loss statements
  • Projected cash flow statements
  • Projected balance sheets

D. Break-even Analysis

  • Break-even point based on enrollment
  • Scenarios at different subscription rates

E. Return on Investment

  • Timeframe for profitability
  • Estimated ROI
  • Comparison to opportunity cost of capital

Market Research and Feasibility Study for Tourism Company in Dubai, UAE and KSA

Potential Risks and Mitigations

Below we can study Potential Risks and Mitigations  for a tourism company in Dubai and Saudi Arabia.

Key Risks:

Industry Risks

  • Decline in tourism due to economic downturns or events
  • Increased competition from existing players or new entrants
  • Changes in tourism regulations and policies

Operating Risks

  • Inability to form key partnerships needed for offerings
  • Supply chain issues impacting ability to deliver high-quality services
  • Hiring and retaining top talent especially guides/interpreters

Financial Risks

  • Forecasts and assumptions may be inaccurate
  • Delay in achieving breakeven enrollment targets
  • Rising operation costs impacting profitability

Mitigation Plans

  • Diversify across tourism segments to manage industry volatility
  • Lock-in long term contracts with vendors and partners
  • Have contractual protections in place for disruption of services
  • Maintain reserve capital to sustain operations during low enrollment periods
  • Focus on customer experience and loyalty networks to manage competition
  • Create comprehensive staff training and culture to retain top talent
  • Have alternative growth levers beyond base forecasts
  • Implement cost optimization measures if expense ratios increase

Conclusions and Recommendations


  • The luxury tourism market in the UAE and KSA is ripe for disruption and poised for strong growth in the coming years driven by favorable country-level initiatives.
  • Focusing on differentiated premium offerings in eco-tourism, wellness tourism, and adventure tourism allows capitalizing on growing demand from high-income professionals.
  • Strategic partnerships will be key to effectively delivering services and managing growth.
  • With an appropriate capital infusion for startup and contingency, the business can achieve profitability within 3 years.


  • Proceed with the luxury curated tourism model focused on exclusivity and customization.
  • Prioritize finalizing partnerships for supply infrastructure before launch. Have backup options.
  • Launch operations first in Dubai to take advantage of existing ecosystem, using it as a hub for regional expansion.
  • Get early booking commitments from tour operators and concierge services to aid launch.
  • Allocate 20%+ more than forecasted costs for contingencies due to market volatility.
  • Focus heavily on customer service and experience excellence from day one to drive organic growth.

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