No.1 Top 5 Best Audit Firms in Dubai

No.1 Top 5 Best Audit Firms in Dubai

With the introduction of corporate tax in the UAE and several other changes in the tax laws, having proper books of accounts and getting them duly audited has become more important than ever. Missing a tax deadline or not having knowledge about legal compliance can lead to huge losses for any business entity. Therefore, it is important that you hire the best and most experienced audit firms in Dubai, UAE. This article lists the 5 most trusted and popular companies providing audit services in Dubai

Top 5 Audit Firms in Dubai, UAE

Given below is a list of the 5 best audit firms in UAE


KPMG was first established in the year 1987. It is an auditing and accounting firm that provides consultancy, advisory, auditing and accounting services. 

  • It currently operates across 144 countries and territories. With so many years of experience and expertise, it has created a high brand value in the market and is trusted by major corporates. 
  • The first is known for its versatility and reliability and has a global network of 1300+ professionals and is one of the top audit firms in UAE
  • It generates a whopping $30 billion in annual revenue. 
  • You can find all the services you need under a single roof but it might cost you dearly at the same time. 


Ernst & Young again is one of the top audit firms in Dubai, having considerable global presence and experience. 

  • With its pool of qualified and experienced professionals across countries and continents, it is a well-known brand name among the top companies. It provides auditing, accounting, advisory, consulting and taxation services. 
  • The best part about this form is that it consists of people from different cultural and religious backgrounds. 
  • Its focus is to increase customer satisfaction by providing accurate and timely services. Its culture represents work enthusiasm, integrity and client respect. 
  • The annual revenue of EY exceeds $35 billion. 

Audit firm in Dubai


Pricewaterhouse Coopers was first established in 1998. It tops the list of accounting and auditing firms in terms of annual revenue i.e. US$ 43 billion. 

  • The firm operates in more than 100 countries across the globe and provides auditing, accounting, advisory and taxation services. 
  • It is a highly trusted brand among banks and financial institutions making it easier for its clients to get loan approvals. 
  • Its timely delivery and precision make it stand out among its competitors. Moreover, its presence across multiple countries makes it a globally renowned brand. Most of the top companies across the globe choose PWC for auditing and accounting. 
  • It is one of the most popular companies providing audit services in Dubai


Deloitte is one of the biggest audit firms in Dubai. It provides financial advisory, risk advisory, credit analysis, accounting, consulting, auditing and taxation services not just in UAE but throughout the globe. 

  • The company is known for its high-quality and accurate services. It is the largest recruiter of finance professionals globally with an employee size of more than 225,000. 
  • Currently, the company operates in 100+ countries and has an annual revenue of $50 million. 
  • The rich international experience of this company makes it a trusted brand among fortune 500 companies. 
  • The company values honesty, transparency, and professionalism while serving its clients making it one of the top audit firms in the UAE

Aviaan Accounting

Aviaan accounting is among the leading audit firms in Dubai, UAE. It is well known for its auditing, accounting, taxation, bookkeeping, consulting and payroll services. Unlike the Big 4 firms, this company is much more economical without compromising on the quality of the service. So, even if you are a small or medium enterprise looking for audit services in Dubai, Aviaan accounting is your go-to option. Its extensive experience in assisting numerous organisations with their accounting and auditing makes it a popular name among the best audit firms in Dubai, UAE

Aviaan accounting Services

Here are some of its services – 

  • Audit – It helps you achieve legal compliance by making sure that your accounts are properly audited and are accurate and providing audit services in UAE. Getting your books audited also helps you get quick and easy bank loan approvals. 
  • Bookkeeping – It provides bookkeeping services and helps you maintain your financial accounts in an organized manner. 
  • VAT Consulting – It provides VAT calculation and records books of accounts according to region-specific VAT laws. 
  • Internal Audit – It also provides internal audit services to help you assess your business’s internal aspects, performance, and top management. 
  • Payroll – Managing payroll can be time-consuming and tiring. Aviaan accounting provides payroll management services. It calculates and generates weekly/monthly payslips and calculates the salary break-up. 
  • Tax Agent – It also works as a tax agent and ensures that you never miss a tax liability. It is one of the best audit firms in Dubai that helps you fulfil your tax obligations. 
  • Company Formation – Its services also include helping you set up a new business by conducting market studies and feasibility studies. It also helps ensure that all the legal compliances are fulfilled. 
  • Attestation – Aviaan accounting also helps you attest the documents issued in one country and get them legally recognised in another country. 

Although many audit firms in UAE provide auditing and accounting services, the 5 companies mentioned in this article are the best in terms of quality. However, you might have to shell out huge sums of money to afford the services of the Big 4 firms like Ey, Deloitte, PWC and KPMG. If you are looking for economical options, Aviaan accounting is your go-to option. It provides quality services and is economical. Avail of the service today!


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