Top Approved Auditors List in Masdar City Free Zone (2023)

Top Approved Auditors List in Masdar City Free Zone

Masdar City Free Zone is in Abu Dhabi. It is dedicated to produce renewable energy and encourage the adoption of clean technology in society. The Masdar City Free Zone strives to modify Abu Dhabi into a reservoir of knowledge, growth, and renewable energy.

The Free Zone is a sanatorium to more than 400 businesses covering an estimated area of 1,500 acres and has effortless access to Abu Dhabi International Airport. The companies there rely on solar energy and other sources of renewable energy. The free zone has gained praise from global organizations such as WWF and Greenpeace.

Masdar City Free Zone gives a variety of business licenses. These licenses present an excellent chance to businesses. The licensing segment comprises Clean Tech and ICT, Renewable Energy, Human Resources, Marketing, Healthcare Services, Energy Industry, Holding companies, Business and Data Centres, Oil and Gas Services, and Retail and F&B licenses.

Masdar City Free Zone provides services that support business activities and enhances the profitability of the business. The support services are visa services, sponsorships, emirates id card, Abu Dhabi chamber of commerce membership, authentication of documents, setup of a PO box, property management, meeting rooms, and conference facilities. The Free Zone offers business and leasing services that include Office Space of all sizes, which will cater to the requirements of businesses of all sizes, and Land either for buying or leasing.

Why are Approved Auditors required in Masdar City Free Zone?

Aviaan Accounting firm gives practical value-added solutions to satisfy all company obligations. They support the highest level of professional principles and excellence in services. They have a fast-growing team of equipped & committed experts with an innovative and commercial strategy to adhere to today’s extremely challenging enterprise surroundings.

Aviaan Accounting services include VAT-compliant accounting services, audit services, Financial Management Advisory, Feasibility Study, Business Plan, Business Consultancy, Company Formation, Liquidation Services, and Offshore Registration. They act as a sounding board for critical business choices and a present decisive direction.

  • Plan audits by exercising mandatory auditing standards.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of internal controls for improving the processes and procedures of an organization to meet its goals.
  • Ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations to evade expensive penalties connected with non-compliance and earn client confidence.
  • Strengthen the internal control guidelines for obtaining effectiveness.

Assist the management in identifying inherent risks and suggest imminent mitigation measures to evade system or process slowdowns.

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