List of Audit Firms in Dubai, UAE (2023)

List of Audit Firms in Dubai, UAE

An audit refers to the examination and gives remarks on the records verified. A financial audit requires the evaluation of the books of accounts and other related accounts. It presents the auditor needed information to give his opinion on whether the reports are accurately maintained and complied with necessary statutory, accounting, and financial reporting and auditing standards. The outcome of these investigations is a report by the auditor. It attests to the fairness of the presentation of the financial statements and related disclosures.

Aviaan Accounting

Aviaan Auditing is a leading and approved auditing firm in the UAE. They have a team of trained and experienced auditors that provide valuable services to clients. We put the needs of our clients at the core for delivering services.


AA Associate group’s Audit Division is a designated entity to direct statutory audit duties. It provides compliance for required by clients. They believe in providing insights to the Businesses.

Intuit Management Consultancy

Intuit Management Consultancy provides a broad collection of audit services. Their specialist and highly-qualified professionals can help in all the services such as Auditing, Bookkeeping, Finance and Accountancy, Business Advice, and Financial Planning services.

Emirates Chartered Accountants Group

Emirates Chartered Accountants Group is present in the market for the last 15 years with the highest professional quality. Their qualified chartered accountants guarantee that audits are conducted as per auditing standards.

N R Doshi & Partners

N R Doshi and Partners has a team of profoundly qualified and expert external auditors who have completed across the UAE. Their firm has earned an exemplary reputation due to their impartial opinion and absolute commitment.

Escrow Consulting Group

Escrow Consulting Group is one of the leading professional Chartered Accountant firms in Dubai, UAE. Escrow Consulting Group provides several quality audit and assurance services.

KGRN Accounting Associates

KGRN Accounting Associates in Dubai provides a routine check of records done by the accredited auditors to their clients. It supports both the company and government claims to audit the documents.

RBS & Abdulrahman Auditing/ RBS Tax Consultants

RBS is committed to providing superior learned auditing services in Dubai. Marketplace feedback from both extensive and growing businesses authenticates that their audit opinion is robust and commercially centered.

Paul & Hassan Chartered Accountants

Paul and Hassan strive to help clients realize their goals through our audit services carried out by their detail-oriented and knowledgeable staff whose abilities and specializations strengthen their business as a whole.

JAXA Chartered Accountants

JAXA Chartered Accountants assist clients to understand the business inadequacies. They take remedial measures on time. Their audit specialists support clients to acknowledge the working of the company and plan future actions accordingly.

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