Top Audit Firms in Bahrain (2023)


Auditing is equally essential be it a small company or a start-up or a large multinational organization. The importance of auditing cannot be denied since it supports the company in identifying and preventing any fraudulent business activity that can lead to bankruptcy, insolvency, or liquidation. By not conducting audits quarterly or annually, companies put themselves at great risk of management failure, business process inefficiency, failure to secure investment, and risk of any legal or tax issue. Thus, audit firms help businesses to focus on their core activities while the firm manages all the financial and legal matters and at the same time improves overall corporate structure. 

The list of Top 10 Audit Firms in Bahrain has been compiled to make it easy for the business entities to choose the best suitable firm for their company. 

Emirates Chartered Accountants: Leading audit firm, providing services through expert and professional team of accountants in Bahrain for more than a decade. They are also affiliated with IECnet an International network of Auditors, Accountants, and Tax professionals.

Aviaan Accounting

Facilitate clients to achieve their corporate objective and helps them to monitor, implement, and develop robust business strategies. Aviaan Accounting is a specialized, professional, and well-structured firm working with a team of corporate planners, auditors, tax experts, and financial analysts.



Nabeel Al-Saie – Public Accountants

Providing audit, tax, advisory, and legal services through a client-focused, proactive, and partner-led approach to support businesses in meeting their ambitions. The auditing methodology employed by a firm is compliant with international standards and regulations.

Chaturvedi Associates:

Approved auditors in Bahrain offering all kinds of financial business solutions to its local and international clients with a keen focus on accounting laws and practices. It is known for its VAT consultancy, Audit and Accounting, and Bookkeeping Services. 

KA Audit Firm:

KA is an experienced organization committed to providing a suite of accounting, auditing, human capital, and advisory services. Through a professional team, industry knowledge, and resources the firm delivers an outstanding level of service to clients.

Mudhaffar Auditors & Public Accounts

The firm is linked with top international audit, Public Accounts, legal advisory, and consultation with international exposure. Employ strong audit tools, resources, and procedures to enable the professionals to deliver high-quality audit services.

Elyaa Audit and Consulting

Elyaa’s top priority is to deliver excellent client service, and provide leadership to the community. Expert in serving clients in various sectors including conventional and Islamic banks, investment companies and funds, general trading and manufacturing companies, governmental entities and services organizations, listed and privately-owned businesses.


External Audit Services - Top Audit Firms in Bahrain (2023)

Awael Public Accountants and Management Consultants:

The firm offers a comprehensive range of services specifically designed to help businesses manage their finances and support major financial decisions. Enable clients to maintain sound corporate governance and keep properly audited accounts.

Alchemist Accounting

Audit of company financial statements and accounts are performed primarily to meet Banking compliance, Free Zone submission, Tax compliance, Credit insurance listing, Court submission, and Demand from the Management.


Focused on providing clients a clear insight into their corporate strategy, business processes, and financial reports. Offers a range of audit, reporting, corporate governance, and risk management services while following international standards for auditing. 

Key Traits of Audit Firms in Bahrain: 

Audit Firms operating in Bahrain keep themselves updated on the emerging technology, responsive to client needs and focus on professional development. They possess excellent communication, time management, and organizational skill with the ability to work in a challenging environment. 

Certification and Experience

An Audit firm has the required knowledge and experience in accounting, business, and taxation law. Moreover, they are highly skilled in computer operation and management systems required to conduct basic auditing activities.  

Ability to Make Independent Decisions

The decision made by auditors are independent, fair, and solely based on the analysis of the company’s operations and processes. This is the major attribute of an audit firm since they have no personal interest and can make an unbiased and just decision regarding the company’s financial status. 

Ability to Understand Different Business Needs

Another important characteristic of audit firms in Bahrain is the ability to work with different business set-ups. They are designed in a way to understand the unique needs of the company and then formulate a working strategy best suited for the company.
Audit firms have a unique ability to look at issues, facts, and figures from a fresh and skeptical vantage point. They ask questions about data anomalies, scrutinize estimates, and validate suppositions to ensure that the audit outcome and result is error-free and accurate. In addition to the mandatory technical expertise, there are certain other non-technical traits audit firms are good at, such as: 

  • Continuous Learning 
  • Relationship Building 
  • Teamwork and Partnering 
  • Natural inquisitiveness
  • Persuasiveness
  • Change management proficiency;
  • A global mindset

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