Top Approved Auditors List in Dubai South Free Zone (2023)

Top Approved Auditors List in Dubai South Free Zone

Dubai South Free Zone consists of 145 Square Kilometres of multi-purpose space-maintaining several business activities. It’s divided into various segments that comprise the essential infrastructure to support business activities. The proximity to the Al Maktoum International Airport makes it one of the safest places to handle business activities.

Dubai South Free Zone consists of a dedicated space for exhibitions. It serves as a platform for forthcoming corporations to develop and improve. The closeness to the airport, working space, and residential space makes setting up a business in the Dubai South Free Zone a beneficial option for growing corporations.

Dubai South Free Zone offers various services to support a business achieve its highest potential. Every activity conducted falls under a license. The business activities which require a general trading license can fulfill the minimum office requirements in the free zone.

The types of offices available to a business in the free zone are:

  • Fitted Out Office – The offices range from 35 mt sq. to 250 mt sq. and pre-fitted with Wall Plastering and Finishing, Floor carpets and tiles, Plumbing, and Air conditioning.
  • Shell and Core Offices – The offices range from 120 mt sq to 12,000 mt sq. It is suitable for larger organizations with minimally furnished interiors.
  • Offices Built to Suit – The plots of land are available for lease. The tenant can construct a building or can take the assistance of Dubai South for construction. Such build-to-suit offices will provide the highest versatility to the businesses.

Why are Approved Auditors required in Dubai South Free Zone?

Aviaan Accounting is among the top listed financial auditors in Dubai, UAE. It has gained immense respect and popularity as top Auditors in Dubai with service culture embarked in Audit, Accounting, Tax, Consulting, and Advisory. It is incorporated with a vision of enhancing the business health of its clientele spread across the globe.

Aviaan Accounting adheres to integrity principles in imparting service to the clients, maintains the confidentiality of the information obtained from the clients, maintains control on any actions that are likely to bring disrepute to the profession, and updates consistently with global audit methodology and auditing tools.

Dubai South Free Zone profoundly advises that the businesses employ the services of an Approved Auditor. Approved Auditor is an entity vetted by the administration of the free zone. Dubai South Free Zone gives a guarantee on the verdict given by the auditors for a business. It provides a sense of confidence to the management and the investors of a company.

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