Top Approved Auditors List in Dubai Design District Free Zone (2023)

Top Approved Auditors List in Dubai Design District Free Zone

Dubai Design District was launched in the year 2013 with the assistance of the TECOM Group. The free zone is specifically dedicated to the art, media, and design community and is home to both start-ups and established brands in this sector. It comprises separate hospitality, residential, and retail spaces.

Dubai Design District aims to fascinate and encourage forthcoming talent. It spreads awareness to the next generation about the significance of the different forms of design. The Free Zone will assist in spreading the creative dynamism of the Middle East to the world. It also aims to bring digital connectivity and create an economy based on innovation and creativity.

Dubai Design District offers services that will enable the growth of a business and help develop the creative ideas and people of the country. It provides a Co-Woking space suitable for an established company or a new business, or a freelancer with the possibility to customize the attractive studio space according to the conditions of the business. It comprises an active community of professionals from different sectors.

The various services offered in the Dubai Design District are as follows:

  • 24/7 building Access
  • Reception Service
  • High-Speed Internet
  • Fax Machines and Printers
  • Meeting rooms for up to 10 hours a month
  • Fully stocked pantry
  • Dedicated space for conducting social and professional events

Why are Approved Auditors required in Dubai Design District Free Zone?

Aviaan accounting firm is skilled in accounting and bookkeeping, auditing, and taxation. The team is full of qualified accountants, advisors, and VAT consultants endeavouring to render quality expert services. Aviaan Accounting is a combination of professionally furnished personnel skilful in giving sound business direction to customers.

The value of an audit is known to every business, and it needs to be performed with great focus and expertise. The government of the United Arab Emirates has made the Audit of a corporation mandatory. It has also been made clear that the businesses in a particular free zone can be audited only by approved auditors of the free zone.

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