Profitable and positioned for future growth


Our client is a CA. He is very knowledgeable and financially adept. He owned and operated several food franchises. He having gained invaluable experience sold all but one, so that he could focus on building his own successful food chain.

Requirements Assessment

This business owner clearly understands the value of doing things correctly from the start. He engaged us to implement business structures with a focus on asset protection and tax effectiveness. His goal then, as it is now, was to create a successful business that would support growth and continue to be profitable. 

The business owner’s ultimate goal is to create a valuable business that will attract a larger food chain capable of purchasing it from him should he one day decide to sell.

Our Solution

We work closely with the business owner and his internal team. We offer a fresh set of eyes for checking files, attending to the details, initiating problem solving, exploring opportunities and facilitating outcomes. We also assist with maintaining effective accounting systems.

We continuously develop and improve systems for the purpose of minimising time and maximising the value of the business through its financial reporting.


The business is growing strong, with appropriate structures in place and effective financial management systems enabling active financial management. The business owner feels in control, and can quickly identify risks and opportunities and take action accordingly.

This business is enjoying financial success and it is well positioned for continuing future growth. In accordance with the business owner’s goal, this business is shaping up to be a very attractive acquisition for a larger food chain.