Risk Advisory Services in Dubai

Risk Advisory firms in Dubai, UAE prepare a business to identify, evaluate, and manage the business risks. These services help a business to formulate an effective strategy to mitigate the business risks. We at Aviaan have a team of professionals with global experience which can provide following services:

  • Risk governance and oversight
  • Risk policies and procedures
  • Risk identification and mitigation support
  • Risk assessment, monitoring, and management
  • Risk management implementation and risk reporting

Risk Advisory firms in Dubai, UAE prepare a business to identify, evaluate, and manage the business risks. These services help a business to formulate an effective strategy to mitigate the business risks. These risks can arise from any business function, internal, and external factors.

We at Aviaan have a team of professionals with global experience. Let us walk you through to our Risk Advisory Services in UAE.

What are the Risk Advisory Services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE?

Risk Advisory firms in Abu Dhabi, UAE help businesses to understand the impact of risk on their operations, understand the risks, formulate an effective strategy to mitigate the risks and make intelligent decisions for improvements.

The primary function of risk advisory is to help the business identify the risks, both from internal and external threats. In a rapidly changing business environment, a business competency can quickly become a potential threat. Keeping up with the pace of technological advancement, cybersecurity, and equipping the business with the right tool also include in the risk assessment.

So, Where Do the Risks Come From?

Internal business risks come from the lack of a Corporate governance framework, internal controls, compliance matters, and lack of resources.

External business risks arise from legislation, regulations, economic factors, technological changes, and competitiveness.

The risk advisory services play an important role in understanding the commercial and risk environment of the business. Risk Advisory aims to develop an effective strategy for the business to create an effective control environment.

What is covered under the Risk Advisory Services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE?

The scope of risk advisory covers every aspect of the business. It includes every angle of the business to identify any potential risks that threaten the well-being of the business. Risk advisory firms in Dubai help a business to formulate internal controls through effective corporate governance principles. It helps businesses to develop a strong defense against the commercial risks to increase operational efficiency as well.

Here are some key business areas covered under our Risk Advisory Services for registered firms in Dubai.

  • Corporate Governance and Internal Controls
    • Internal financial and non-financial Controls
    • Risk Management
    • Compliance
  • Audit and Assurance
    • Internal and External Audits
    • Policies and procedures
    • Effective operational Controls
    • Regulatory, professional, and ethical standards
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Non-financial Assurance
  • Sustainability and Environmental Controls
  • Ethics and Governance
  • Fraud Risk Prevention
  • Compliance and Regulatory Framework Advisory
  • Stakeholder Relations Management
  • Innovation and Busines Development
  • Information System Advisory
    • Cybersecurity and Data Privacy
    • Identity and Access Management
    • Information and Vulnerability Management
    • Application management

The true list of risk advisory services to a registered business in Dubai can be uniquely crafted. It largely depends on the size, industry, and regulatory framework in which a business operates. However, our principal approach of the risk advisory services remains the same for every business.

What are the benefits of Risk Advisory Services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE for your Business?

Managing the risk is important for any business. Effective and relevant business risk management can turn the risk into opportunities and a tool to achieve the business goals.

Some key benefits with our Risk Advisory Services in Dubai Include:

  • Legal compliance and response to changes in the legal framework
  • Development of effective internal controls
  • Internal Audits to identify the financial and non-financial risks
  • Development of policies on assurance, internal controls, reporting, technical, and corporate culture
  • Enhanced operational efficiency
  • Creating and developing the risk management environment
  • IT and Cybersecurity challenges, risks, and opportunities

The core of the risk advisory services is to help a business make informed and intelligent decisions. Risk advisory firms in Dubai play a pivotal role in a business strategy formulation for creating an effective control environment.

Our Core Competencies in Risk Advisory Services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE to Help You

At Aviaan, we aim to share our knowledge and expertise of risk advisory services that we have gained with years of experience. Our risk advisory services in the UAE create value for your business that is equally important as operational efficiency. We aim to maximize your business performance by creating an effective risk management strategy that identifies, evaluates, and manages business risks.

Our approach is to create the customized solutions for your business through understanding the objectives, internal controls, policies and procedures, and risk management profile. Our professional will help you to create a strategic plan to manage risk, increase operational efficiency, and regulatory compliance.

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