Oman Guide: How To Appeal On VAT Penalties In Oman?

VAT in Oman
How To Appeal On VAT Penalties In Oman

If the latest report is taken into consideration, Oman has envisioned a set of strict penalties for the violators of the VAT or Value Added Tax. It is effective from the 16th of April, 2021. Already, the taxpayers in Oman have witnessed the newly implemented VAT in Oman. Much to the knowledge of taxpayers, it is available in a number of exemptions.

The VAT law has been published to boost the economy of the nation. With that said, there are some rules and regulations associated with the taxpayers in case of failure of payments, even when it’s about the reverse charge mechanism in VAT Oman. On this note, here’s presenting everything about VAT penalties in Oman.

Facts to Learn About VAT Penalties in Oman

The minimum penalties that get stipulated are imprisonment for a timeframe of at least two months or a fine of around OMR 1,000. Talking about the maximum penalty, it can reach imprisonment for about three years. Additionally, there’s one fine that does not cross over OMR 20,000. Considering recurrence, the court can double the fine or increase the legally prescribed penalty for imprisonment by over half the total limit.

What Happens When The Tax Payment in Oman Gets Delayed?

If the taxpayer fails to pay the tax on time or it gets delayed due to some reasons, they can impose a 1% rate of the total value of its unpaid tax for every month of delay or in part. It may start from the end of the payment period and end till the date of the payment.

Outlining the VAT Penalties and Punishments in Oman

The imprisonment (of 2 Months to 1 Year) or Fine (around 1,000 to 10,000) can occur in case of any repetition of the offense file (which gets doubled) and Imprisonment (which gets 1/5th the total number). For scenarios like this, the following are the penalties and punishments:

  • Refuses to submit the record or document needed by the authority
  • Issuing wrong or inaccurate data and information in the refund application

For the following cases, the taxpayer may experience the imprisonment of one year to three years and a (or) fine of five thousand to twenty thousand:

  • Not registering with authority
  • Correct data, tax due, and the taxable amount
  • Evading Tax payment in full or part
  • Destroy and conceal record/information within one year of notice receipt
  • Submitting the incorrect information and record

How to Appeal VAT Penalties in Oman?

The following are the steps that you can follow in order to appeal VAT penalties in Oman. Here’s presenting the steps in pointers:

  • Taxpayers require appealing to the administrative penalty within 30 days from the notification date
  • Upon then, it is compulsory to file the objection with Tax Appeal Review Committee
  • As soon as the Committee submits the recommendation letter to the individual within 30 days, the taxpayer needs to be patience
  • Lastly, the authorized person must give a timeframe

Final Note

As a taxpayer, you must always remember to avoid getting penalized. So, these are the steps for appealing VAT penalties in Oman.

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