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Oman is growing in significance in the Middle East. Its policy of economic diversification based on the involvement of private enterprises is showing signs of economic growth and creating a more competitive business environment. It is attracting businesses from Oman and also from other countries to play a significant role in the economic diversification of Oman.

However, while it might be lucrative to have a business in Oman, it is important to keep in mind that businesses are also obligated to fulfil the legal requirements of Oman. Businesses are required to pay taxes to the government, and more recently required to charge VAT or Value Added Tax for the goods manufactured and sold, and ultimately pay that tax to the government. VAT is still at the beginning stages in Oman and it will take a while to grasp the tax laws for the companies, it is always better to have someone advise them on such matters, that is where tax representative services in Oman come into the picture.

Who is a Tax Representative in Oman?

Businesses are obligated to fulfill certain legal requirements of the government, especially those related to taxes, it is always a good idea to consider hiring someone that can help you understand everything pertaining to tax, including VAT, which is still somewhat new and can also help you calculate taxes and file returns on time.

Tax Representative services in Oman are hired or appointed by business owners to represent them before the Federal Tax Authority. They are more qualified than accountants. Tax Representative can help understand the different laws surrounding taxation in the country, calculate the taxes needed to be paid, and file tax returns on time. The understanding of multiple laws regarding taxes, and staying updated about them as a business owner can be difficult. Hiring a tax representative would make it much easier to fulfill these legal obligations and would also ensure they aren’t given a penalty for non-compliance.

Benefits of Hiring Tax Representative

Hiring a tax representative in Oman is not compulsory though it is quite beneficial for businesses. How is it beneficial:

  • Efficient and Economical
  • Simplifies the process of tax calculation and return filing
  • Helps in successful and hassle-free tax registrations
  • Advice on matters related not just to taxes but finances as well
  • Representation in front of the FTA

Why Choose Aviaan Accounting for Tax Representative Services?

Tax Representative service in Oman is optional. It can be great for businesses because they know practically everything that has to do with taxation and its related changes. Aviaan Accounting ensures that our tax Representatives are proactive and educated about all tax laws. Keep themselves abreast of any changes in the legal obligations of a company. They would help you with the understanding of the requirements of the law, how to go about planning and calculating taxes, the documentation process, tax return filing while ensuring that you adhere to all the provisions imposed by the government. We would help clients save a lot of time to focus on other aspects of your business. Businesses would not even need to worry about dealing with the government authorities as we would do that for them.

Tax Representative Services Offered by Aviaan Accounting

Aviaan Accounting ensures that our tax representatives know all the laws pertaining to taxes and help clients fulfill their tax obligations. They would represent them in front of government authorities while keeping in mind clients and their activities. Here are the services offered by Aviaan Accounting in Oman: –

  • Helping in the submission of VAT returns
  • Liaison with FTA on Tax matters
  • Maintaining records for clients
  • VAT registration with FTA
  • Act as the representative in front of FTA
  • Respond to the FTA on clients behalf in the event of a Tax audit
  • Preparation of documents for the FTA during Tax audit
  • Helping with the submission of reconsideration request on FTA decisions
  • Proceeding with de-registration on clients behalf if needed


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