Commercial Certification Attestation in Dubai: What is it, and why is it needed?


Dubai is a great country for doing business. The laws are investor-friendly. There is a large pool of talent and great infrastructure. It takes fewer days to get registered, compared to many countries, and the red-tape is minimal. Dubai is also geographically at a very optimal location form where the markets of both Europe and Asia are easily accessible.

Why is the attestation required in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE?

Commercial Certificate Attestation in Dubai plays a crucial part in enhancing international trade and business. It is a branch of attestation and mainly used for achieving financial goals. In simple words, commercial certificate attestation is a permission given by the country. Without attestation, your commercial documents are not useful in the country you wish to do business in. In the current legal system, the embassy or consulate is the superior authority to issue this authentication. The applicant needs to provide a valid commercial document of their business from the country they belong to. In order to start a business or open a branch of the old business in a new country, the applicant has to take legal consent from a law body of the new country. This permission is in the form of commercial certificate attestation. This certificate provides ownership, assets rights, liabilities, etc. to the applicant/ business owner and is issued by a designated authority of the state.

The attestation is a way of verifying the authenticity of a document & declaring its genuineness by attaching it with the sign of the verifying authority. The process requires the submission of original documents as well as its copies to authorized public departments for verification and putting their seal of approval. Document attestation is necessary at the time of performing business-related transactions abroad, including applying for a business visa. It could be required for a branch of an already existing business at home or setting up a whole new business in a new country, partner with someone or buy or sell the organization.

Documents required for commercial certificate attestation in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE

In case you are planning to expand your business abroad or opening a branch, then the documents that need an attestation in Dubai for this very purpose all come under this category. These documents witness the legitimacy of the business and the details of the business, like the type of business, the product or the service that it sells, owners and partners, and other related details. Some of the documents are mentioned below:

  • Memorandum Of Association: Memorandum of Association defines the relationship between the company and the consumers. Details like the name of the company, the functioning, and the scope of its activities are defined here.
  • Article of Association: The Article of Association specifies the aim and vision of the company as well as its responsibilities and duties.
  • Company Profile: This document contains details including the business name, head office address, establishment date, products , employee count, contact number, website,etc.
  • Incorporation Letter: A company incorporation certificate is a legal document that concerns the foundation of the company.
  • Board Resolution: It contains detailed information about the decisions made by the company’s board.

If your business is a manufacturing business, and you need permission to export or import goods to/from abroad, these documents will require attestation:

  • Invoices: An invoice has the details about the sale transaction like the type of product, quantity, value, taxes, etc.
  • Insurance Certificate: Contains details about the insurance coverage the company has. It has details like the amount of coverage; situations covered, date of the policy, and the limits and deductibles.
  • Import License: The license issued by the central government to the business persons for the import of goods.
  • Letter of Credit: A letter of credit is issued by the bank to the company.

These documents are issued by the authorities during visa recommendations, for example, international meetings, seminars, and conferences.

  • Invitation Letter: The invitation letter is sent to the people who are invited to attend a business meet or a conference.
  • Authority Letter: Authority letter is a document that grants the person to perform certain law-related activities, which include contracts, taking the power of taking individual decisions and delegation of duties.
  • Chamber of Commerce Certificate: The certificate is issued to the business by the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Power of Attorney: Power of Attorney is a document, granting the rights to the receiver to perform business and make decisions on their behalf.
  • Shareholder Agreement: The agreement among the shareholders of a company.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements: A Non-Disclosure Agreement is signed by the members of the board of the company, in the faith that the important information of the company remains confidential.

What is the procedure?

The processing of commercial documents attestation requires authentication from multiple levels of government, and it involves getting the seal and signature on the documents. Below is a step-by-step process for obtaining the attestation:

  • Chamber of Commerce Attestation: The Chamber of Commerce is a local association of businesses and the primary step in the verification of the documents before the MEA attestation. Stamp and signature from the designated officials, like the Chairman, are obtained.
  • MEA Attestation: The MEA is the ministry of the central government that deals with foreign affairs. It will provide the attestation stamp and signature as per the requirement.
  • Embassy Attestation: The Embassy of the country the applicant wishes to do business activities in, attests, and verifies the documents on behalf of that country.
  • MOFA Attestation: This attestation is the final part of document legalization, and is done by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country the applicant wishes to do business activities in.

Only by undertaking the proper attestation procedure you can ensure the smooth running of your business in Dubai. If you are unaware of the process, seek services of a professional agency that has experience in offering these services and can get your work completed in an effortless manner.

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