What are the requirements of Dubai company document attestation?


Company documents are the basic records of the existence and legitimacy of a company. And proving the legitimacy of your company is the purpose of the whole attestation process. The attestation process for Dubai demands documents like import-export records, invoices, power of attorney, and so on. More and more businesses want to set up their headquarters or branches in Dubai; this is why it is very important for your company documents to be duly attested. This will help you reach global markets from the proximity of Dubai, which is already one of the biggest commercial centers in the world.

Why do you need certificate attestation in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE for a company?

Certificate attestation of your company documents is a necessary step if you want to do business in Dubai. Certificate attestation helps the government verify the genuineness and legitimacy of your company. With the advancement in technology, it has become very easy to forge counterfeit documents. Attestation ensures that you are a genuine person with a recognized company.

The attested documents are necessary at the time when your company would make business dealings and transactions in Dubai. For example, if you want to set up a branch in Dubai, or partner, or sell the shares, and many more.

In India, the process of attestation begins with the notary and the state departments and finishes with the Ministry of External Affairs. After these steps, the Dubai embassy verifies and attests the documents, which is the final step.

What is the process of company document attestation in Dubai?

The attestation process for company documents is different from other types of documents. There are various levels of attestation of commercial documents. The process levels are:

  • Chamber of Commerce Attestation: The Chamber of Commerce (CoC) is the local business association in your district or city. The chamber of commerce attestation is the first step in the company documents attestation.
  • MEA Attestation: The MEA or the Ministry of External Affairs is the second step where your documents will be verified and stamped after checking their authenticity. This is the last step of the home government for attestation.
  • UAE Embassy Attestation: The UAE Embassy attestation is the finals step for your company documents attestation. Dubai embassy verifies and clears the documents on behalf of the Dubai government, and your documents are cleared for use in Dubai.

However, if your documents originated in the gulf countries, you may require another level of attestation, i.e., the MOFA attestation.

What are the documents that need to be attested in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE?

The company documents that need an attestation for Dubai, are grouped in various categories:

Type I Documents

  • Memorandum Of Association
    This is a certificate that you get when you start your company. It contains the details of the company like the name, the structure, and the kind of business your company deals with. It describes the fundamental prerequisites on which the company works.
  • Article of Association
    The article of association details like the vision and the aim of the company and the fundamental duties of the company and its employees. It also explains the relationship between the employees, the managers, and the board.
  • Company Profile
    This contains details like the legal name, address, contact information, website, chief products or service, date of inception, and scale of the company, i.e., employee count, etc. This document gives an idea of the type and relevance of the business.
  • Incorporation Letter/Company Incorporation
    “Company incorporation letter” is a legal record that serves as a license to perform business activities as a company. This letter is issued by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs during the inception of a company.
  • Board Resolution
    The board resolution is a record of all the decisions made by the board of directors regarding the company’s affairs. This gives the authorities an idea of the company’s manner of running and their decisions relevant to their operations overseas, like opening a new branch, as resolved by the board members.

Type II Documents

If you have a business that engages in manufacturing and you wish to export the goods to other countries or import raw materials from other countries, these are the documents that need to be attested. These documents give an insight into the state of operations currently. The documents in type II are:

  1. Invoices
    An invoice of a company contains details of transactions like the product, quantity, price, taxes paid, etc. and confirms the information stated in the documents above, since an invoice contains the name of the company and the signature of the party. An invoice is prepared by the producer to the party who is buying the product.
  2. Insurance Certificate
    Every business must have insurance. An insurance certificate gives details about the financial cover for the company, the period of cover, the premium amount, and the limits and deductibles. This certificate acts as an assurance for the company in difficult times. This is a necessary document for attestation.
  3. Import License
    The company is issued a license before it can import goods from other countries. This document needs to be presented during every shipment of import a company receives, along with other documents.
  4. Letter of Credit
    These are the documents issued by the bank of the company. This is verified to ensure that the company has credible dealings in case of credit that establishes its suitability for carrying out business in UAE or any other country. This is a necessary document that will need to be attested.

Type III Documents

These are some documents that are issued by authorities other than the government. These are issued at the time when you apply for a visa. They are usually issued to personnel who intend to attend conferences or seminars overseas. The applicant needs to submit various documents to the concerned authority, i.e., the Chamber of Commerce, to obtain these documents.

Chamber of Commerce Certificate

This is a document or certificate that is issued by the chairperson of the local body of the chamber of commerce. These certificates are issued to the business people who need to travel overseas for a business-related activity such as expanding businesses, procuring orders, forging partnerships, etc.

Type IV Documents

These are the certificates or records required in case the dealings of the business are being carried out by another person on behalf of the business owner. They have required to establish that the representative is an authentic person and has been authorized to make decisions on behalf of another person. Some of these documents are:

Power of Attorney

A power of attorney is a legal document issued by a lawyer. This is provided to the authorized person who is supposed to carry out business operations and make decisions on behalf of the issuing person. The authorized person has the power to make financial decisions, buy/sell the property, or any legal decisions on behalf of the donor. This is a very important document to be attested before issuing the visa.

This was a list of requirements for company attestation in Dubai. If you are uncertain about the process to be followed, you can opt for the services of a professional attestation service provider in Dubai.

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