How can one get Indian documents attested in Dubai?


Dubai is one of the most popular destinations, be it for study, work, business, or tourism. Dubai has many great educational institutions and several multinationals corporations offering varied work opportunities to fresh graduates as well as expatriates. Dubai also has investor-friendly laws that make it a great place for setting up a business. Dubai’s location gives businesses a strategic advantage because form Dubai, both the markets of Europe and Asia are accessible equally easily.

Many Indians and Indian-origin people are living in Dubai owing to its high standard of living, better healthcare, and plenty of options for an exciting and fun-filled lifestyle. But not everyone understands their customs and laws, especially when it comes to attestation processes.

If you are an Indian living in Dubai, you will sooner or later need to get some of your documents attested for some purpose. Be it for your studies, employment, or business. Different purposes require different documents as proof of the attestation process. It is important to know the process for the attestation of Indian documents in Dubai.

It is necessary to present the right and complete list of original documents for verification. Failing to do so may result in disqualification and starting the process all over again. Attestation is a process that involves substantial effort and cost implications; therefore, it is important to get it correctly done in one attempt. This is why you must completely understand the attestation process for Indian documents in Dubai.

What is attestation?

Relocating to another country always involves submission and checking of various documents. This has always been the norm. But some recent improvements in technology have made producing counterfeit documents easier. These actions are illegal and aim to take unlawful advantage of the system and hurting other people.

This is why it has become very important to verify the documents and copies very carefully. This process is called attestation, where the copies of your documents are checked thoroughly and verified with the originals for being authentic and representing the correct information.

The copies are placed with a seal and signature of the competent authority that varies depending upon the document. The seal and signature are made only upon the copies and not on the originals.

The attestation process in Dubai is necessary since the documents issued outside Dubai may not be useful or valid in Dubai unless they are verified for authenticity by competent authorities. Your educational degree, medical certificates, marriage certificate, birth certificate, etc. are not of any use in Dubai unless they have been attested.

There are many certificates on which you may need attestation:

  • Academic certificates
  • Business documents
  • Work-related certificates
  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificate
  • Death certificate
  • Power of attorney
  • Driving license
  • Medical certificates

If you are an Indian living in Dubai, you may require attestation services anytime. There are a few things you need to know.

First of all, documents originating in the home country i.e., India, need to be attested by the Indian authorities. You need to provide original certificates along with the copies at the respective offices.

There are various levels of attestation procedures that need to be followed:

  • Notary Attestation:- This is the first step of document attestation for Indians. You can easily find a notary in the district court or around important official buildings. After verification of the records, the notary will put his signature and seal on the copies.
  • University attestation: All educational certificate copies need to be attested by the university that issued the documents before sending for further attestation steps.
  • Home Department Attestation:- The second stage in the attestation process for Indians is to get the copies attested from the home department of your respective state where the documents were issued. The documents of school must be attested by the District Education Officer.
  • Chamber of Commerce Attestation:- In case of documents related to business or company, for the purpose of a business visit, then the papers need to be attested by the Chamber of Commerce.
  • HRD Ministry Attestation:- Educational certificates are always required to be attested by the HRD ministry of the home country, ie. India. The presiding officer will verify the copies with the originals before the approval of documents.
  • MEA Attestation:- The attestation process by the Ministry of External affairs is the last stage by the home country authority before sending the documents to Dubai embassy in the home country.
  • Dubai Embassy/ Consulate general Attestation:- After attestation by the home country authorities, the documents are then submitted to Dubai Embassy in India. The embassy will verify the documents if they fit in the requirements before issuing you the particular document.
  • MOFA Attestation:- MOFA is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dubai. Once the embassy has completed the attestation from their side, the documents are then sent to the MOFA in Dubai. This step is required for citizens of the countries who are not a signatory of the Hague convention.

In case of a document issued inside Dubai, it needs to be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) and the Consulate General of India in Dubai/UAE. This is required when the document that has been issued in Dubai is required to be used in India.

List of documents required for the attestation process:

  • Passport
  • Educational certificates
  • IDs

Steps in the attestation form the Consulate General of India/ Indian Embassy

  1. The applicant must visit in person along with his passport, its copies, and ID.
  2. Carry the original document. It must be attested from the respective departments and Ministry in the home country, i.e. India.
  3. In case of verification of a document issued by a third party, for example, a company, an authorization letter is required along with their ID.

Getting documents attested in Dubai can be a little stressful for any layman, but with the help of professional attestation service providers in the region, you can get the task completed in a completely effortless manner.

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