What are the things to Take Care of While Getting Mark sheet Attestation in Dubai?


Dubai, one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates, has become a preferred destination to pursue education, especially at the higher levels, whether it is for natives or foreign nationals. However, there are certain procedures that are involved in getting an admission, one of them being document attestation, primarily your mark or grade sheet. And that is not the only case in which you would need to get it verified; when you wish to move abroad on a long-term basis, irrespective of the purpose, you would need to get your documents, your marksheet being an important one, attested.

What is Attestation in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE? Why is it Necessary?

Attestation refers to the whole process of getting a certain set of documents verified and stamped so as to corroborate their authenticity. There is a number of documents that you would need to use for legal or other purposes at any given point in life, and for them to be considered legitimate, you need to get them checked by different government and government-sponsored agencies.

Whether you are planning on going abroad for a job, business, education, marriage or other such long-term reasons, you would need to get various documents attested, depending upon your purpose of the visit; without that, you would most probably not be granted a visa, since these documents attest to your identity as well. Not only when you go abroad, but also when looking to get into an educational institution, commercial activity, etc., you would need authentication. The process of getting your documents checked is quite long-drawn since you need to get it done by different authorities, and can also be complex, so it is best to hire attestation services to the job for you.

Importance of A Marksheet

A mark sheet is a document that you generally get at the end of an academic year, or after the completion of a course, and it contains information pertaining to your academic performance. In simpler words, a mark sheet is what displays your academic performance over a certain period of time. When you either apply for a job, for admission in another educational institute, or even wish to move abroad, your marksheet is a document which you would mandatorily have to present, and so, you need to make sure that it would be considered legitimate, especially given the many cases of fabricated or tampered marksheets. To avoid any confusion, you need to get your marksheet attested, among other documents.

The Attestation Procedure in Dubai

As is the case with any other kind of document, you would need to get your marksheet attested by a series of government or government-sponsored authorities. It is imperative that you follow the order in which it must be done; otherwise, the subsequent authorities will refuse to stamp it. Here is the order you must follow:

  • The Notary Department: It is the Notary Department which must perform the first step of Attestation; you can go to the local Notary or Collector’s office. Without the stamp of the Notary department, the following authorities will not attest your marksheet.
  • HRD Ministry: Once the Notary Department attests to your marksheet, it is the Dubai Government Human Resources Department, which must verify it, since it is an educational certificate. If you simply wish to remain in Dubai and enroll in an educational institution, this is the last step you need to follow. However, if you wish to go abroad, there are other authorities that need to stamp your marksheet.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs: A department of the central government which deals with the country’s external matters, you will need to get a stamp from the MOFA if you wish to move to another country.
  • Embassy Attestation: This is generally the last stage of Attestation; you need to get your marksheet and other documents attested by the embassy of the country you wish to move to; you need to seek their permission before you are allowed into the country.

5 Things to Take Care of When Getting Marksheet Attestation in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE

Your marksheet, whether it is from school or from a college or university, is extremely important since it not only displays your academic performance but is also proof of you having completed school or having gone through a certain course. So, it is of utmost importance that you take good care of it at all times, since it could be the difference between you accomplishing your goals or not. When it comes to Attestation, it is a lengthy and complicated procedure, which is absolutely essential, and so, here are five things you must keep in mind when getting your marksheet(s) attested in Dubai:

  • Understanding the Requirements and Instructions: One of the most important things you must keep in mind is to fully understand what is required of you when it comes to Attestation. It is a very structured process; there are many rules and regulations involved, and you have to ensure that you have understood everything surrounding the procedure (such as which marksheet you need to present, who will attest it, what is the order, etc.). If you do not follow the guidelines, you might end up not getting your marksheet stamped, which will hamper your plans.
  • Organization: Once you have understood what you need to do, you need to ensure that you have everything you need to get attested and that you have it all organized the way it would be attested. In case you have multiple marksheets, you would need to only present the ones asked of you and would need to arrange them in the order in which they would be attested.
  • Following the Order: As mentioned above, there is a strict order which is followed when getting any document attested, especially if you are applying for a visa to go abroad, and thus, it is crucial that you understand and follow the order in which your marksheet would need to be attested, i.e., the order of the authorities that would stamp it.
  • Selecting an Attestation Service: Whether it is simply a marksheet or other documents along with it, the attestation process can be quite complicated and long. In order to avoid making any errors, it is best to hire a certified attestation service that would get it done for you. You just need to do your research and find one which has good reviews, so you know that your marksheet is in good hands.
  • Tracking: When you hire an attestation service, it is someone else that is handling your marksheet, and so, you must pick one which allows you to track the progress in the procedure. You should always check where your certificate is, which agency has attested it, and which ones are left to do so and how long before you get it back (you should make sure to receive regular updates).

The process of document attestation in Dubai, a marksheet, in this case, is quite complex and time-consuming but it is extremely important whether you are looking to get into an educational institute in Dubai itself or are looking to move abroad. Thus, you must ensure that you have understood every instruction and requirement and that you are aware of the whole procedure, so you do not end up getting into an issue later.

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