What is the Everything you need to know about death certification attestation in Dubai?


It is mandatory to get death certificates in all emirates in the UAE. You first have to report the death to the authorities. Death of a person can be reported by a family member or relative. In case the death happens at a hospital, it needs to be reported by a medical practitioner. Then the authorities will issue the relative a certificate that has records of the date and time of death, cause of death, place of death, and such.

The death certificate is useful in legal processes in Dubai. But before that, the attestation of death certificate in Dubai is necessary. The documents need to be attested because that eliminates all concerns about the authenticity of the documentation, in this case, the death certificate, and facilitates the process of further proceedings. Such authentication is a legal requirement for all foreign-related processes.

You need death certificate attestation for many purposes:

  • If you are the beneficiary of the insurance and you need to claim
  • In legal procedures
  • It is also needed in settlement of property benefaction or ownership

To obtain a death certification attestation, you need the following documents:

  • Original copy of the death certificate
  • Copy of the passport of the deceased
  • Declaration form
  • Power of attorney (if asked)

The process of attestation for the Death certificate in Dubai should include some standard steps that are mentioned below:-

  • Legal Translation of the original certificate (if required): If the death certificate or any supporting document is not in English, it needs to be legally translated before starting the attestation process. Always accompany the translation with the original.
  • Regional level: Attestation from a Notary is the starting of your attestation process. The regional level authority is a notary. It is important to get the signature and stamp for a Notary Public on a document to start the attestation process. The notary is the most basic necessity of any law dealing legalization procedure. Whether it is your personal documents or commercial documents, stamp from a Notary Public is the first step of the attestation process. A notary can be easily found in district court premises or around any government offices.
  • State-level: After the stamp of verification has been obtained from the Notary Public, the next step is to get the stamp and signature from the state level officer who could be a sub-divisional magistrate or the state home ministry. It is the second step of the attestation of death-related documents. As you are looking for attestation of a death certificate, then you need to contact the concerned officer in the state home department and get his/her stamp and signature on the death certificate.
  • Ministry of External Affairs (MEA): After the death certificate has been verified in the previous departments, before submitting the documents at the UAE embassy, MEA verifies and attests all the certificates. MEA or Ministry of External Affairs is the final step of certification from the home government. Once the concerned officer is satisfied, only then will an MEA stamp will be placed on the document. MEA is the highest level of authority of the home government that deals with the foreign affairs of the nation.
  • UAE Embassy attestation: All the necessary documents, after attestation from the home country departments, are presented to the Dubai embassy. They will verify your application with the concerned authorities before attestation. The process is done by the officials of the country in which the documents are being attested, in your case, the UAE.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs UAE (MOFA Attestation): This is the final step of the death certificate attestation, where you get a stamp from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of UAE. This process is known as MoFA attestation. MOFA, or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is a government ministry that deals with foreign issues. For attestation, it is the exclusive authority that does the definitive analysis that a document certified by a foreign authority has been through the required verifications to term it as genuine. Once your certificates are found genuine, you will receive the seal, and your attestation procedure is over.

To complete the death certificate attestation, all of the above-mentioned authorities will have to give their approval. Only after all these steps have been completed will the death certificate be accepted as genuine by the concerned authorities in the UAE. When the document has got approval, it will turn out to be useful at the concerned departments of the country.

Attestation of the death certificate is one of the most important kinds of personal document attestation. A death certificate is issued by the concerned department in the UAE only to the family members or legal representatives of the deceased. A death certificate is a significant medical record issued by the doctor consulted by the person. Once all the formalities have been completed by the hospital and the police department, the death certificate will be issued by the registrar, and then you have to get it attested.

If you wish to use the death certificate for some types of international dealings or tasks, then you must get it attested. Attestation of the death certificate in Dubai ensures that all the details mentioned therein, such as the personal details and death details, are certified and are correct.

The process of validating a death certificate is called the death certificate attestation. Attestation is a critical process that establishes the authenticity of a document. After the attestation, your document will become legally valid in Dubai. Though, the various steps involved in this process can make it a little intimidating for a layman to execute it perfectly. You should seek the services of professionals to assist you in this task so that you can get the necessary attestation completed in the first attempt itself.

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