What are the Requirements for document attestation in Dubai?


Dubai has the right blend of everything. It has spectacular skylines, pristine beaches, turquoise waters, and much more. It also offers great possibilities for education, work, and business and is one of the most desirable destinations for many students as well as professionals. It has numerous big universities as well as ample opportunities for employment in some of the biggest corporations and industries. It has a rich history depicting Arabic culture juxtaposing all the modern lifestyle amenities indicated by its towering skyscrapers, enormous malls, excellent sporting infrastructure, and so on.

But if you stay in Dubai, wish to stay, or study in Dubai, there are a ton of documentation and formalities involves. They are enough to compare someone who is doing it for the first time. Remembering which documents to attest where and list of all documents are required for the particular case is very painful. It is very easy to forget something or make a mistake and end up with a rejected application. Then you will need to do the whole tedious process again. Sometimes it also involves traveling to a different city, and that certainly cannot be done repeatedly.

Getting all the attestations completed by yourself is a difficult task because you need to go to several offices and departments. Also, you have to memorize the list of documents to be submitted at each office. There are a lot of papers and certificates that require attestation, whether you are traveling for education, job, or business. The officials need to guarantee that you are a genuine person who has a rightful reason to visit Dubai. This often takes weeks.

There are various stages of document attestation in Dubai.

  • Notarization
  • University attestation
  • Embassy attestation
  • Ministry of foreign affairs attestation

Many documents need depending upon the case of the person and the reason for their visit. Some of them are:

  • Birth certificate
  • Degree certificate
  • Passport
  • transcripts
  • Marriage certificate
  • Business documents
  • Job offer letter
  • Medical certificate
  • Police records
  • Power of attorney and so on

There are various levels of document attestation. The authorization of these jurisdictions on your copies is evidence that your documents are validated and verified genuine.

  1. Notary
    You need to bring some certificates, a minimum of two original certificates, and the original supporting documents like the passport or the emirates ID. As per the guidelines of the authorities, some documents must be produced both in English and Arabic languages. When this step is over, you need to ensure that they are properly translated and stamped.The Notary Public is the authorized personnel to verify the documents, check the details mentioned therein, and then place a stamp along with the signatures on the documents. Once a document has been attested by the Notary Public, the remaining steps in the process of document attestation will commence. In Dubai, usually, there are two Notaries, one will verify the documents, and the second one will reverify your documents and also check your signatures.
  2. Ministry of Justice
    You can either go in person or have someone do that for you at the Ministry of Justice. You just need the stamp from the ministry. You need to obtain an appointment with the concerned official through a token, produce the document(s) attested by the Notary Public, and only after complete satisfaction will the official attest the document(s) produced by you. The times taken for this step can vary between a few minutes to a couple of hours.
  3. Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA Attestation)
    This is the last step in the attestation process in Dubai, which requires a stamp from the concerned official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This process is called MoFA attestation. There are differing prices for different certificates. MoFA, or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is a government ministry that deals with foreign issues. For attestation, it is the exclusive authority that does the definitive analysis that a document certified by a foreign authority has been through the required verifications to term it as genuine.
    Once your certificates are found genuine, you will receive the seal, and your attestation procedure is over.Note: If you belong to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, or any other country that is not a signatory of the Hague convention, there may be some variations.

Benefits of hiring an attestation service in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE

  • The attestation service helps you in the various stages of document attestation for your needs. They have the necessary expertise and knowledge of the rules. They know which documents are to be attested from which department. They are quick in their job, whereas if you do it by yourself, you may take a lot of time learning about the rules and regulations from the beginning.
  • The attestation service takes a lot of responsibility away from a perplexed applicant. Various people are busy people and cannot take out time from their busy days, only to stand in long lines at the government buildings. A lot of services allow you to track the attestation process of your application. You can get automatic reminders and updates on your phone or mail. They also keep your valuable documents protected, so you don’t need to worry about them. Attestation services are specialists in their profession.
  • There are so many certificates needed for attestation procedure that it’s intimidating. It is very common to miss or forget any. For example, you may forget to get a signature, or a stamp, or the date on the stamp. In that case, you will find out only after your application is rejected. Then you will have to do the process all over again.
  • They have done the exact process so many times, so they are fast and know their ways. You just have to relax and let the attestation service handle everything.

Getting the documents attested in Dubai is extremely crucial for you to conduct your desired activities without any problems whatsoever. So, make sure you complete it beforehand so that no unnecessary hassles bother you later on.

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