What is the Document Attestation Process to Get Work Visa from Dubai Embassy?


Dubai has immense job opportunities that many may want to tap into, however, relocating to a new country to start your career might seem a daunting task but with the right guidance from experienced professionals, it might become a piece of cake.

The very first requirement to start your flourishing career in Dubai is to apply for a work visa, it is essentially a work permit that the Dubai embassy issues to the individuals who fulfill the requisite documentation formalities.

To get a work visa, the single most important requirement is proof that you have got a job offer from a particular company in Dubai or a work contract from the employer. It may entail a number of legal procedures to obtain a work visa, you will need to get the documentation done in the proper format to enjoy a thriving career in Dubai.

Importance of Document Attestation in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE

You would have understood that document attestation is required to prove their authenticity. Document attestation is the first step to be taken when you are traveling to a foreign company. It shows that your documents are accurate. Aviaan Accounting has established a name providing quick service to make your attestation process seamless so that they can be used in the GCC. As the entire process is very lengthy and extensive, individuals prefer to use expert guidance to deal with the attestation process. So that document checking and attestation are done faster and without errors.

Attestation of Essential Documents to get Work Visa

Once you plan to work in Dubai, documents issued in your country have to get legal recognition in Dubai. Your personal and educational documents have to be attested in accordance with the Dubai requirements for the processing of your visa.

Educational Certificates have to be provided for attestation. It will prove that your educational qualifications are true and genuine.

  • Degree or Diploma certificates attestation
  • School leaving certificates attestation
  • Experience certificate attestation

Other non-educational certificates to be attested are personal certificates and professional certificates such as birth certificate, marriage certificate, experience certificate, and transfer certificate.

As you would have experienced, attestation is a tiresome process that just erodes time and money. But with professional help, the entire process is cleared within a matter of days and at economical costs. There is no need for you to run from pillar to post.

Document Attestation Process in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE

After gathering all the required documents including educational and personal, the following process needs to be followed:

Step 1: The attestation procedure begins by getting your certificates verified by your own University/College. It is an important step because, without the attestation from the home country institute, the documents cannot be verified by foreign authorities. This step could take a maximum of 1 month to get all the documents attested depending on the procedure of your home country.

Step 2: You need your documents attested by the External Affairs Ministry of your own country to get into the UAE. The ministry will take no more than 2 days or may complete the attestation immediately, thus this step will not take much time.

Step 3: It is then taken to the UAE Embassy where it will be attested. Once it is checked, the Embassy Seal will be imprinted on your certificates as proof of genuineness.

After this 3-step process of document attestation, further investigation will be done by the respective authority in UAE before issuing the work permit.

Issuance of Work permit

The Ministry of Labor will ensure that you are going to work with a corporate entity that is registered in the UAE. This company will then confirm the hiring and verify all your documents. The work permit is valid for two months, which can be extended twice while you get your formal work permit.

The sponsoring company will arrange to have your medical test procedures completed. You will then obtain an Emirates ID Card and Labor Card. Your work residency permit will get the legal stamp on your passport that proves that you are sponsored by the company in which you are employed.

Procedure to get Work Visa

With a work permit obtained from the United Arab Emirate’s Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE), you can enter the UAE to enjoy your job opportunities for two months from the issue date.

To get a work visa you must submit the subsequent documents:

  • Application form
  • Original passport along with a photocopy
  • Several passport-size photocopies
  • Commercial license from the company
  • Company card copy
  • Health certificate and medical check certificate
  • Emirates ID card
  • Ministry of Labor entry permit

Aviaan Accounting; Document Attestation Service  

Getting attestation of documents involves a series of processes that keep you on your foot for many weeks. You should prove the genuineness of your certificates and documents. As individuals do not have the requisite knowledge of the entire process to be done, the task becomes cumbersome and consumes a lot of time. With professional help, attestation services for the birth certificate, education certificate, marriage certificate, etc. will be made easier.

At Aviaan Accounting, clients subscribe to our services for simplified communication methods for complex processes, technical expertise, and global experience, to do the required attestation services in a very short span of time efficiently.

Our affordable and easy procedures have won the confidence of many who have entered the workforce in the UAE.

Few repeated queries that clients ask for a work visa have been addressed here:

  • If you are on a tourist visa in the UAE, you should not work here as it is considered illegal.
  • If you are on a tourist visa and you get employed in a company in the UAE, you must make changes to your visa status before joining for work.
  • Your employment contract must be in Arabic. You will require three copies in all. One copy for your employer, the second copy for the Department of Labor, and the last copy for yourself.
  • All documents and forms should be in Arabic. You will have to get your entry visa and work permit approved by the Ministry of Labor. As your employer will apply for this on your behalf, it is an easy process.
  • You should sign your job offer contract and send it to your employer in both languages, English and Arabic. You should also have it in your native language. This shows that you are applying for a work position that is valid and true. Your offer letter will also be reviewed.

Promises of good jobs, working conditions, and enviable salaries have brought many into the UAE in search of good careers and jobs for a bright future. Make sure that all legal formalities are complied with, get your documents attested, and get your work visa with professional help.

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