What is the procedure for power of attorney attestation in Dubai?


Dubai has become one of the most popular vacation spots as well as business locations in the world. It is a rapidly developing, fabulously wealthy city set in the backdrop of centuries-old Arabian culture. It has a lot of exciting tourist attractions. In Dubai, there is everything from traditional villages, luxurious suburban districts, high rise buildings, and majestic sandy beaches and lavish green parks.

Whether you are planning to settle in Dubai or want to study or work there, there are many documents that need to be attested to make them useful in Dubai. The process of attestation has many stages that need attestation from the authorities in the home country. You need to understand various processes and aspects of the attestation process, especially the power of attorney attestation process.

What is attestation in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE?

In today’s scenario, technology has advanced so much that it has become very easy to forge documents. It cannot be said whether a copy is original or counterfeit just by looking at it for a second. Some parties end up making fake copies of some documents that look like original and take unfair advantage of the laws and may even pose a danger to other people.

This is why attestation is required. Attestation is the procedure where authorities check and verify the details of the copies with the original documents and confirm their authenticity by placing a seal of their office and the signature of the presiding officer.

In order to get the attestation process done, the applicant is required to also submit the original documents. However, no seal or signature will be made on the original documents. Once the presiding officer has checked the copies, he/she will attest it as per the general rules and regulations.

Power Of Attorney Attestation in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE

A power of attorney is an important document that is required to be attested before its use in Dubai. The verification of a power of attorney is crucial to prove that your documents are genuine. The initial procedure in the power of the attorney process is implemented by the home government. The offices need to verify that you are a legitimate person with a genuine reason and may be of benefit. But the method of attestation in India involves many stages and many offices. It is easy to get confused by knowing which document needs to be attested from where.

The need for Power Of Attorney Attestation in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE

Power Of Attorney attestation is an extremely important step mandated by the government authorities in the Dubai. Without attestation from relevant departments of the government, no power of attorney can be considered a valid document. The verification of this document is essential if the person of interest has his/her assets in another country outside Dubai. As only a properly attested Power of Attorney is acceptable for all essential tasks.

Therefore to show that the certificates are authentic, many offices are authorized by the government of the document issuing country to conduct the process. The commercial certificate attestation is a necessity for general businesses and entrepreneurs, and several businessmen look for assistance in power of attorney attestation in Dubai.

The process for Power Of Attorney attestation in Dubai?

A Power of Attorney(POA) that has been issued outside Dubai or UAE, and is required to be used in Dubai has to be attested by the Home Department/ chamber of commerce / State Commissioner of the Same State in the home country.

For any POA for attestation for any purpose, if a foreign individual is being designated to function as attorney (which also hold true for a foreign passport holder having an OCI/PIO Card), copies of passport of the concerned foreign national being designated as attorney must also be obtained and submitted with the office copy. In the rare case when the designated attorney does not have a passport, a copy of the government ID with photo, for example, PAN card, must be obtained.

What are the documents required for the power of attorney attestation in Dubai?

  • Copy and original passport
  • Original Power of Attorney and copy. This copy of POA has to be signed in the presence of a Consular Officer.
  • Two latest passport size photograph with white background

Furthermore, other documents might be required depending upon the case and the documents presented for attestation.

The document is processed the same day within 45-60 minutes of submission

Power of attorney attestation process in home country

In order to assign an attorney in Dubai, the documents need to be attested from the home country and state departments, which in this case, is India. Document attestation in India requires the applicant to get their documents verified from various state and central departments. The process is given below:

    • Notary Attestation:- First of all, you need to get your documents attested from the office of the Public Notary in your country. A notary can be found at the courts or near various government offices. After checking your documents, the notary will place the seal on it.
    • Home Department Attestation:- The next round in this process is to get the documents attested from the state department of your state of residence. You are required to present the personal documents to the department, and the presiding officer will check and sign it.
    • Chamber of Commerce Attestation:- Any commercial documents that are to be used in Dubai need to be attested from the local Chamber of Commerce. The attestation from the Chamber of Commerce verifies the authencity of the documents, making them acceptable for the essential procedures and tasks.
  • MEA Attestation:- Before presenting the attested documents to Dubai embassy, the documents need to be verified and authenticated by the Ministry of External Affairs in India.

This process may take at least 8-10 days and requires proper execution. Thus, it is advisable to avail of the services of a professional to help you accomplish the required tasks easily.

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