What is the process of Marriage Certificate Attestation in Dubai?


A Marriage certificate is a piece of legal evidence showing that the two individuals are married . The certificate is issued by a government department(marriage bureau) or either by a religious organization. It mentions the names of both the individuals, date and time of marriage, and other details required of such a document.

Dubai is one of the most popular places in the world to live, study, and work. It is a rapidly progressing and advancing economy with wealthy districts full of malls and high rises, that exists alongside the rich and ancient Arabian culture. It has a lot of exciting tourist attractions and activities for leisure. It has many great schools and universities and a robust healthcare system ideal for raising a family.

In the process of validation of marriage in Dubai, there are many documents that need to be attested to make them useful in Dubai. The process of attestation has many stages that need attestation from the authorities in the home country. You need to follow various rules and learn many aspects of the attestation process in the marriage certificate attestation process.

What is attestation in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE?

Verifying the genuineness of any document accurately by just having a glance at them is not possible these days. Some corrupt elements end up making fraudulent copies of the certificates and documents that seem just like the original. This is why the need for attestation occurs. It is the process by which the government verifies the specifications mentioned in the particular paper and authenticate it as a genuine and valid document by putting the sign and seal of the supervising officer.

You don’t need to worry about the original documents since the signature and seal are not placed on the original documents. Attestation is done only on the copies of the original records as their authenticity needs to be established with the original. To obtain the attested documents, the applicant needs to present the original documents with the copies. The presiding officer will seal and sign once he/she has verified the documents according to the prevailing rules and regulations.

Why is Marriage Certificate attestation needed in Dubai?

  • To apply for a residence visa for the partner
  • To sponsor kids in Dubai.
  • Add your spouse in health insurance.
  • For medical tests related to pregnancy or delivery in the hospital.
  • To apply for a passport for kids.
  • To buy assets or property jointly with a partner.
  • To get a divorce
  • Name changes on the passport
  • Child adoption for expatriates
  • Kids’ school admission

Marriage Certificate Attestation in Dubai is the verification of the authenticity of the marriage certificate as well as recognition of the marriage by the Dubai government with its official sign and seal.

But in order to get the marriage certificate attestation in Dubai, the copies of the original documents must be attested from the issuing authority of the home country.

In India, the marriage certificate is attested by the home department and the Ministry of External Affairs and the respective embassy or consulate of Dubai in India, if you intend to use the certificate in Dubai.

What are the documents required for Marriage Certificate Attestation in Dubai?

Below is a list of various documents that need to be presented to the authorities in Dubai in order to get your marriage certificate attested

  • Original Marriage Certificate
  • Passport copies of both the individuals
  • Visa Copy
  • 2 Photographs
  • Letter of authorization

What is the process for marriage certificate attestation in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE?

The whole procedure for getting the marriage certificate attested from Dubai embassy in your country is essential. When you apply for a visa for you or spouse, you must also provide the attested copies of the certificates. The seal and signature of attestation from the Dubai embassy on your certificates are proof of the authenticity of your documents has been thoroughly checked, and they are true copies of the originals. Here are the various stages involved in the process for document attestation for Dubai:-

    • Notary Attestation:- The fist process in the marriage certificate attestation is getting the certificate attested from the office of any Public Notary in your country. A public
      notary can be easily located at the district or state court premises or close to any government buildings. After checking and verifying your documents, the notary will place the sign and seal on it.
    • Home Department Attestation:- The second round in this certificate attestation process is to obtain the attested documents from the home department in your home state or certificate issuing state. You need to submit various personal documents and IDs to the department, and the presiding officer will verify it and put his/her sign and seal for further processes.
    • MEA Attestation:- The final stage of attestation from the home country departments is the MEA attestation. The various documents related to the marriage certificate attestation are presented to the Ministry of External Affairs for verification of their authenticity before their attestation by Dubai embassy or consulate general in India.
    • Dubai Embassy Attestation:- After the attestation from all the departments of the home country has been completed, the documents must be presented to the embassy/consulate general of the Dubai in your country, i.e. India. The embassy/consulate will then verify the processes from the concerned ministries and departments and would then provide the verification.
    • MOFA Attestation:- this is the final stage of marriage certificate attestation in Dubai. Once Dubai embassy in your country has attested the certificates, the certificates are then sent for the final attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dubai. This step is especially crucial for citizens of those nations only who are not under the purview of the Hague convention.

As there are several stages involved in the process of marriage certificate attestation in Dubai, it might not be possible for you to complete it on your own. You need to avail of the services of a professional attestation service provider to enjoy hassle-free attestation of your documents.

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