Top Approved Auditors List in Hamriyah Free Zone

Top Approved Auditors List in Hamriyah Free Zone

Hamriyah Free Zone is strategically located, which makes it a very considerable and worthwhile location for businesses. Setting up a business is one of the best and cheapest opportunities available in Hamriyah Free Zone. It has become an indispensable mainstay in the development of the UAE economy. The free zone presents a tax-free atmosphere and covers an area of 22 million square meters.

Hamriyah Free Zone consists of a 14-meter-deep Hamriyah port with passage to the markets of three different continents. Businesses in the free zone can reach more than 1.5 billion people. Hamriyah Free Zone should be viewed as an opportunity as it extends many benefits that include absolute ownership of the company, decisive location, and tax exemption.

There is a range of products and services available to a business in the Hamriyah Free Zone. These include:

  • HBC Offices include trading and import and export of up to three products or services with the option to apply for one visa only.
  • E-Offices include import, export, and trading of up to three products or services, and the holding company may apply for up to six visas.
  • Executive Offices are of a premium quality suitable for an MNC and equipped with all the essentials.
  • Warehouses are equipped with all the equipment and amenities and customizable according to the condition of the business.
  • Lands are available on lease to enable the corporations to develop a project up to stipulations and the demands of the business.

Why are Approved Auditors required in Hamriyah Free Zone?

Aviaan Accounting has earned tremendous admiration and reputation as a top auditor in Dubai with their rich service culture embarked in auditing, business accounting, and consultancy. Their innovative partners with Tax-efficient approaches assist clients in attaining the desired goals and comply with UAE Law.

Auditing is an essential function to be executed by every business to surmise the existing financial position. Recognizing the importance, the UAE Government has effected conducting audits, a requirement for every enterprise. It is also the understanding that each free zone has its own approved auditors and power to conduct audits in the Free Zone. Any other Auditing firm cannot conduct an Audit of the company.

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