Top Approved Auditors List in Dubai Studio City Free Zone

Top Approved Auditors List in Dubai Studio City Free Zone

Dubai Studio City is a free zone for Media-driven businesses and strives to provide the best services and infrastructure. The Dubai Studio City Free Zone was established in 2005 to become one of the largest media, entertainment, and broadcasting hubs in the region. The free zone offers all the necessary services and infrastructure such as backlots, water tanks, sets, recording studios, etc.

The studio city is an offshoot of the Dubai Media City and aims to provide a conducive environment to the media-based companies. The location of the free zone is at the heart of Dubai, with easy access to all the nearby markets. Since its inception, it is steadily growing and is now considered an essential media network in the Middle East region.

Dubai Studio City Free Zone has more than 300 companies registered with the expansion of the free zone chance of a potential increase in the number of companies trying to set up their business. The location of the Free Zone provides an added benefit to the companies.

Dubai Studio City Free Zone has the following offerings:

  • Commercial Spaces – These are suitable for both established and new businesses. The offices provide a favourable environment that supports growth and expansion.
  • Co-working Spaces – A place where two or more entities share the office space. It is suitable for start-ups or companies looking to control their finances with shared and private spaces, meeting rooms, Flexi desk offices, etc.
  • Boutique Shops – They are perfect for production corporations and comprise office spaces connected to a studio with the option to rent the entire building.
  • In5 Centres – It provides a platform for all the entrepreneurs and start-ups to develop their creativity. The in5 center gives training and mentorship programs that will help nurture the business.
  • Light Industrial Units – They are multipurpose and strategically located. These infrastructures satisfy all the necessary standards according to the conditions of the business.
  • Warehouses – They are located strategically and offer all the necessities of a business.

Why are Approved Auditors required in Dubai Studio City Free Zone?

Aviaan Accounting enjoys client support that comprises large entities to small entrepreneurs. Their prime target market is medium to large entrepreneurial enterprises. Their consumers are profoundly entrepreneurial, and sympathetic to their specific obligations and requirements, and are resilient in approach and deliverables.

Auditing is a vital part of a business to help the management in understanding the present financial condition. Due to the benefits of auditing, many of the free zones require the companies established in the free zone to avail of auditing services. Auditing service should be availed only from an Auditor approved by the management of the Free Zone.

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