Top Attestation Services firms in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE (2023)

Top Attestation firms in Dubai

Attestation firms in Dubai are trained and qualified in the field of Attestation Dubai. Attestation simply means verification of legal or other kinds of documents from government and government-sponsored agencies. It is important to get documents attested to use them in Dubai or outside.

Attestation firms in Dubai provide Notary attestation, Home department attestation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation, and Embassy attestation services. Attestation firms in Dubai provide all services relating to the Attestation.

Aviaan Accounting

Aviaan Accounting is one of the leading Attestation firms in Dubai. Aviaan Accounting would offer professional attestation experience, and by choosing our services, you would save money as well as time that would have been spent if you were to go to each authority to get your documents attested personally.

World Attestation

World Attestation offers a wide range of attestation services in Dubai to clients. The quality of service that they offer is unmatched and makes them one of the best in the field. Their vision is to deliver hassle-free attestation services to the esteemed clientele.

Prompt Attestation

Prompt Attestation is a top and established company that encourages professionalism. Their capability and expertise is a demonstration of the unity and trust between experts from around the world with a common goal of ensuring customer satisfaction always.


GloboPrime is the one of UAE’s leading certificate attestation services company with many years of experience. They offer fast, reliable, and prompt attestation services for ex-pats living or moving to the UAE. They are the trusted choice of many prominent companies, groups, and individuals for fast, secure, and quality attestation services.

Elegant Services

Elegant Services assist to get Document attestation in Dubai. They can be trusted to attest documents from around the world so that they can be used authoritatively in the UAE and across the GCC. Their professional and transparent approach gives a quick and hassle free experience.

Why Hire an Attestation firm in Dubai?

Some of the reasons why someone would need to get documents attested are:

  • Work permit
  • To get admission to an educational institution
  • Set up/ expand your business
  • Legal compliances
  • Family-related matters

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