What are the Common Export Documents and their Attestation Needs in Dubai?


As the owner of a business in Dubai, you would most likely be involved in some kind of trade, whether it is of goods or of services. If it is the former, then you would know very well that trading of goods is a much simpler process when done within Dubai. But if you need to export goods to another country, you will need to adhere to a number of guidelines before you can actually send the products overseas. One of the prerequisites to being granted exporting rights is to have a set of prescribed documents attested in Dubai. This is a long and complicated process and is also known as attestation. Without having all the necessary documents and papers attested by concerned authorities in Dubai, you would most likely not be allowed to export.

What Exactly is Attestation in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE?

Before talking about the process pertaining to export document attestation in Dubai, it is important to understand what attestation is. In simple words, attestation is a verification process. When you wish to export goods from any of the emirates to any other country, you must meet certain parameters, both in Dubai and that of the one you wish to export to. One of these requirements is attestation of necessary documents.

You are required to present a particular set of documents to the designated government agencies in Dubai, and they will go over the submitted documents to determine whether they are genuine and whether the information provided is accurate. Once they do, the presiding officer will stamp the documents, and you can move ahead with the procedures. Since document attestation proves to be crucial in determining if you would be granted the permit to export, it is best to consult with experts offering attestation services in Dubai.

Export Documents to Get Attested in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE

As mentioned above, if you are looking to export certain goods from Dubai to another country as part of your business activities, you need to have certain export documents stamped before you can actually go ahead with your work. Five common export documents you need to have attested in the Dubai are:-

  • Certificate of Origin: It is a document which states the place of manufacturing of the concerned product. It is the manufacturer or the exporter who is responsible for procuring a Certificate of Origin since it is an important document when it comes to international trade and transactions from Dubai. One of the reasons being that the place where an item is shipped determines the duties to be levied. It needs to be submitted to a customs agent in the country where the items are being shipped to ensure that it does meet all the criteria for entry.
  • Commercial Invoice: Another essential document when talking about international trade from Dubai is a Commercial Invoice. It is a document which states important details about the product (price, quantity,) details of the buyer and seller, and the different terms of sale and purchase. In simpler words, it is a proof and bill of sorts and is useful and ensuring that the shipment which arrived is alright.
  • Export License: One of the most important documents required in order to engage in any export activities from Dubai is an export license. When looking to export goods to a particular country, you need to procure an export license from the relevant government authorities in Dubai, which would mean that you are now allowed to do so. In order to be granted a license, you would need to provide all the details pertaining to your products and the export (such as where you are exporting, to whom, what for etc.), so that the local authorities know fully well what products would you be selling from their territory.
  • Insurance Certificate: When you send goods to another country, either by air, by land or by sea, there is always the possibility of them being damaged. It could be a serious headache for the buyer to receive damaged goods, especially if they desperately need the products. Keeping such situations in mind, an insurance certificate is a necessity when exporting goods from Dubai. The insurance states that any damage incurred during the shipment process shall be covered by the seller or the exporter and that the consignee shall not be required to pay for the damaged goods in any way.
  • Inspection Certificate: Since the goods would be received by someone in another country, it is important for them to know that the items have been inspected, most probably by a third party, and are in good condition. The Inspection certificate states that the goods in accordance with the terms of the sale discussed between the exporter and the buyer. An Inspection certificate is mostly needed in the case of perishable items such as fruits, meat etc. or equipment or fragile objects and not for the export of every kind of product.

A Bill of Landing, Certificate of Conformity, Warehouse Receipt, Export Packaging List are some other documents you would need to have attested from the authorities in Dubai before you are allowed to export the products.

Attestation Procedure in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE

You need to get all the necessary export documents attested from relevant departments in Dubai. The procedure for export document attestation in Dubai is as follows: –

  • Notary Attestation: You need to first have your documents stamped by the Notary Department in your emirate. For this, you could go to the Public Notary office or the Collector’s office. This is the first step in the attestation procedure.
  • Chamber of Commerce Attestation: Since these are commercial documents, the Chamber of Commerce in your emirate must go over and verify your documents to ensure that your business is legal and that you do not wish to engage in any unlawful activity by exporting the concerned products.
  • Ministry of External Affairs Attestation: Once your documents have been stamped by both the Notary Department and the Chamber of Commerce, you need the Ministry of External Affairs to attest them. This is the last stage of document attestation by a government organization in the Dubai. After this, it is the embassy of the country you wish to export to, which will go over your documents.
  • Embassy Attestation: The final step in the attestation process is the Embassy attestation. Once your documents have been attested by different agencies of your country, it is the embassy of the export destination, which will check to make sure that the documents are genuine before attesting them and allowing you to export.

As the process of getting the attestation done is a bit complex, it is advisable to avail of the services of a professional agency with adequate experience in such tasks.

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