Top Approved Auditors List in DAFZA (2023)

Top Approved Auditors List in DAFZA

Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZA) was established with the support of the government of the jurisdiction in the year 1996. It has added a substantial share in the economy of the UAE. The free zone has won many honours and is one of the rapidly expanding free zones in the UAE. The six diverse types of licenses awarded are Trade License, Service License, Industrial License, E-Commerce License, General Trading License, and Dual License with the DED.

The business-friendly setting linked with world-class services and state-of-the-art infrastructure builds and presents business possibilities to many businesspeople from all over the globe. The decisive location of the free zone next to the Dubai International Airport provides effortless access to companies. It is currently residence to more than 1,600 global firms from all over the globe.

There are several facilities available to businesses are:-

  • Halal Trade and Marketing Centre that concentrates on the halal ecosystem and the possibilities,
  • DAFZA Square that handles various events of a business,
  • Learning Bridge a technologically exceptional facility utilized by companies for their growth and advancement, and
  • Retail Centres are spacious, presenting a helpful environment for businesses.

The various types of business spaces available are:-

  • Smart Desk is an Exclusive desk space with Wi-Fi support, electrical fittings, a 24-hour surveillance security system, and eligibility for 2 Employment Visas.
  • Premium is an office space of 25 sq. m. with all the furnishings, a 24-hour security system, and third-party Fire and Peril insurance.
  • Premium Plus is an office space of 50 sq. m. with all the fixtures and furniture in the office, Wi-Fi connectivity, and eligibility for 6 Employment Visas.
  • Standard Lease is an office space with fully customizable options suitable for every type of business.

Why are Approved Auditors required in DAFZA?

Aviaan Accounting is among the top listed financial auditors in Dubai, UAE. It has earned tremendous respect and reputation as the best Accountant in Dubai with a service embarked in Audit, Accounting, VAT, ICV Certification, and Advisory. Aviaan Accounting has thought of improving the enterprise vitality of its clients scattered over the globe.

Aviaan Accounting adheres to honesty policies in conferring services to the customers while maintaining the confidentiality of the information obtained from them. It regulates any activities that are likely to bring disrespect to the profession and updates consistently with global audit methodology and mechanisms.

DAFZA thoroughly recommends that the firms exercise the assistance of an Approved Auditor. Approved Auditor is a firm vetted by the board of the free zone. DAFZA gives an assurance on the opinion conveyed by the auditors for a company. It presents a feeling of belief to the administration and the investors of a corporation.

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