Top Approved Auditors List in Ajman Free Zone (2023)

Top Approved Auditors List in Ajman Free Zone

Ajman Free Zone was established in the year 1988, and the location chosen for it was very strategic. The Ajman Free zone is located at the entrance of the Arabian Gulf. Since its inception, the Ajman Free Zone has gradually become a vital place for businesses to come and set up their business.

It assists in setting up a company and offers offshore company setup services. The free zone is lucrative to entrepreneurs who have just started a business and are very cost-conscious. The ambitious fee arrangement and the various instalment payment plans make this free zone ideal for young entrepreneurs.

The various types of business spaces available are:-

  • Executive Offices are spacious and designed in a way that will help businesses to fulfill all the requirements while ensuring flexibility and convenience.
  • Offices are spaces that are designed exclusively for start-ups and other emerging businesses and offer customizable offices.
  • Business Centres are best suited for SMEs and start-ups, and the environment presented is very suitable and conducive to a business.
  • Freelance Hub provides flexible co-working space for freelancers to pursue their dreams cost-effectively and efficiently.
  • Warehouses are available to a business and comprise all the necessary features along with access to the port.
  • Onsite Accommodations comprise comfortable room spacing with security services, centralized Air Conditioning, Laundry and lavatory services, and eateries.
  • Land on lease for 20+ years to investors who want to build infrastructure according to the requirements of the business.

Why are Approved Auditors required in Ajman Free Zone?

Aviaan Accounting is among the topmost registered accountants and bookkeepers in Abu Dhabi, UAE. It has earned tremendous respect and reputation as the best VAT Consultant in Dubai with specialization in Audit, Accounting, VAT, ICV Certification, and HR Consulting. Aviaan Accounting aims to improve the business continuity of its consumers dispersed over the globe.

Aviaan Accounting maintains professional standards in bestowing services to the consumers while preserving the confidentiality of the information collected from them. They maintain professional skepticism in case activities that will bring disrespect to the profession and updates regularly with global audit methodology and mechanisms.

Audit services are a vital function for a business. Understanding the value, the government of the United Arab Emirates has considered it obligatory to conduct a periodical Audit. The management of a business should ensure that the audit is performed only by approved auditors of the Ajman Free Zone.

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