Best Attestation Services in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE (2023)

Best Attestation Services in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE

It is the requirement of the UAE Government to get all the educational and professional documents attested from the home country and The UAE Ministry of Foreign affairs and International Cooperation. The attestation process verifies the authenticity of the document and provides proof that it fulfills all legal requirements. This process of getting documents stamped from the assigned authorities is time-driven and complex because of the unfamiliarity with the foreign country’s laws and regulations. Thus, it’s better to hire the best attestation service provider firm.

Following is the list of the top 5 attestation service provider in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE:

Aviaan Accounting: Equipped with vast experience in providing attestation, audit, and accounting service to MNCs and SMEs across Retail, Trading, Oil & Gas, Construction, Healthcare, and Education sectors. Believe in developing a long-term relationship with clients based on transparency, integrity, and clarity.

Prompt Attestation Services: An established company with a track record of satisfying client’s requirements, specialized in Certificate Attestation from various Government Department and Family Visas for UAE. Motivated and professional team with the proven ability to be proactive, innovative, and connected.

Talent Group: Leading firm in Dubai offering services like certificate attestation, translation services, business set-up, and others with the support of an efficient and result-driven team. Their main focus is to deliver exceptional value to the end customer through meeting and exceeding customer demands.

Vital Certificates: The firm ensures fast and timely attestation of documents that can be used officially in the UAE and across the GCC. Known for managing all aspects of document attestation, keeping the client updated with the attestation progress, and maintaining the confidentiality of the certificates.

Prime Global: Offer end-to-end attestation service in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE from picking up the documents from the client to delivering them free of cost. Moreover, the firm provides a tracking facility and 24/7 customer service to resolve queries and respond to complaints in the most efficient way possible.

What are the benefits of Document Attestation in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE?

Since UAE is a growing economy with a lot of opportunities for business expansions and jobs, people from all over the world visit Dubai for different purposes including work, tourism, education, and others. To get the maximum advantage of the UAE economy, the verification of a legal document is the most critical requirement. All documents need to be attested and verified encompassing birth certificates of employees, company’s licenses, article of incorporation, and much more. This can only be done by a certified and trained document attestation service provider in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE. Few important reasons why document attestation is important in UAE are:

Educational and Work Opportunities: Attestation service providers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE helps secure an employment visa/labor card in UAE by verifying it from required authorities. Moreover, to get admission to University or College requires the attestation of all previous certificates.

Provide Support to immediate dependents: Attestation service providers in UAE majorly contribute to ease the document attestation process while obtaining a resident visa for spouse, children, and in-laws or seeking admission for the child.

Property Buy and Sell: In order to buy or sell a property or to be a business owner, attestation service providers facilitate in getting all the non-education document attested in accordance with UAE laws.

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