Good Conduct Certificate Attestation Service

Good Conduct Certificate Attestation Service


UAE is one of the most progressive economies in the world and is now emerging as a popular education destination as well. With some of the biggest corporations as well as educational institutions having their presence in the region, professionals, businessmen, executives, and students from all over the world are always willing to come to the UAE to take advantage of the available facilities. In UAE, whether you are looking to set-up a new business, start a new job, apply for a license, or get admission into a university, you need to provide attested copies of various documents for completing the necessary task. The most important document that you need to submit is the attested copy of the Good Conduct Certificate.

Good Conduct Certificate, also known as the Police Clearance Certificate, is issued by the local police department in the region where you are residing in the UAE. This certificate verifies that there are no legal cases or criminal charges pending against you in the state in which you reside. Only the UAE Police Department has the authority to issue this certificate. In order to procure this certificate, various documents need to be submitted with the relevant police station.

When it comes to the attestation of the Good Conduct Certificate in UAE, multiple authorities are involved in the process, including the police department and the Home Ministry of the UAE along with the UAE embassy in the home country of the applicant. As multiple departments and entities are involved in this process, it might be a little bit cumbersome for any layman to get the Good Conduct Certificate Attestation in UAE. This is where we come forth with our Good Conduct Certificate attestation services and let you focus on the other important tasks.

Why Choose Aviaan Accounting?

At Aviaan Accounting, we are regarded and respected as the leading consultancy and services provider in the UAE and KSA region. With our experience and dedicated efforts, we have carved a niche for ourselves in the region when it comes to Good Conduct Certificate Attestation services in the UAE. Our team of consultants boasts of decades of experience in the region and are fully capable of getting your Good Conduct Certificate Attestation in UAE completed in a quick time and that too in the first attempt.

Good Conduct Certificate Attestation in UAE requires approval from multiple authorities including the Police Department, Home Ministry of the UAE, Embassy of UAE in the country of the applicant (in case of an immigrant), and the Home Ministry in the country of the applicant (in case of an immigrant). AT every step, you are required to fill various forms, pay the requisite fee, and visit the department and wait for multiple hours.

All this can be difficult for a busy individual like you. With our Good Conduct Certificate Attestation services in UAE, we help you complete the attestation process easily while you can focus on other important tasks of yours.

What do we offer?

Some of the noteworthy aspects of our services are:-

  • One-stop solution for all document attestation services in UAE and KSA.
  • Experienced consultants to guide you through the process.
  • Document pick-up and drop-off services are also available.
  • Transparent Pricing with no hidden costs.

Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any queries related to Good Conduct Certificate Attestation in UAE. We will be more than happy to hear from you and be of assistance to you. Contact us now.

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