MOFA Attestation Services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE

MOFA Attestation Services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE

UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs attests educational, personal, and professional certificates and Avian Accounting assists in this process of verifying the documents. All the expats who seek a resident visa or desire to work in UAE require a MOFA attestation stamp on all the documents. We serve people coming from different parts of the world in UAE through our professional and trained staff. Moreover, we provide service at a very reasonable rate while fulfilling all the needs of the customer and maintaining compliance with UAE government rules and regulations.

MOFA Attestation Service Beneficiaries in UAE

Ministry of Foreign Affair in UAE provides attestation to everyone including:

  • UAE Citizenship Holder
  • Private Companies
  • UAE Resident Visa Holder
  • Business Entities
  • Foreign Investors in UAE
  • Student Visa Holder
  • Tourists Visa Holder

Documents that need MOFA Attestation in UAE

  • Educational Certificates: Degree certificate, matriculation certificate, intermediate mark sheet, computer diploma, private diploma, technical diploma.
  • Personal Documents:  Marriage certificate, birth certificate, fingerprints, death certificate, divorce certificate, Police Clearance certificate, transfer certificate.
  • Commercial Documents:Invoice, Registration, MOU, Partnership deed.
  • Business Documents: Memorandum of Association, Incorporation Certificate, Incumbency Certificate, Trade licenses, Power of Attorneys.

MOFA Attestation Service Benefits in UAE

Authenticating and verifying your documents will open many gates for you and help to get through all the hurdles in UAE. Since every company/educational institute/government authority asks for attested documents. Thus, MOFA attestation in UAE will help you in the following areas:

  •  To attain an Employment Visa/ Labor Card in the UAE, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah.
  •  To apply for higher education in the UAE or a foreign country.
  •  To write Ministry of Health (MOH) and Department of Health (DOH) examinations.
  •  To acquire a Residence visa.
  •  For taking admission in schools in UAE through transfer certificate.
  •  Power of Attorney.
  •  To acquire the right of selling property in the UAE.
  •  For the removal of LLC partnership, if required.

Documents Required for MOFA Attestation in UAE

Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE will demand the submission of certain certificates without which it is not possible to verify the documents. It is only wise to get all documents prepared before presenting them for further attestation in MOFA because they will get rejected which costs you time, effort, and energy. Following are the basic documents required for getting MOFA attestation in UAE for any purpose:

  • Passport Copy
  • Original Certificates
  • Visa Copy

Moreover, it is equally mandatory to ensure that all documents submitted to MOFA are true and free from any error/fault. Depending on the reason for getting the MOFA attestation, the authority requires more certificates such as Emirates ID, Tenancy Contract, Job Offer certificate, etc.

How Aviaan accounting Help in MOFA Attestation Service in UAE, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah

UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs has the ultimate authority to authenticate a certificate, so in order to get MOFA attestation, first, you are required to get a UAE embassy stamp on your certificate from the country where the certificate is issued. Aviaan Accounting has extensive experience in managing the step-by-step certificate attestation process with agility and integrity.

Our professional staff is available to discuss your requirement in detail and resolve all your queries with a customized solution. Contact us at or +971567952590 for a personalized session with our qualified staff.

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