Power of Attorney Attestation Services

Power of Attorney Attestation Services


Being one of the most progressive and diversified economies in the world, UAE is home to some of the biggest corporations in the world. With the government of the UAE looking to ease the conditions of doing business here and looking to open up the economy, the opportunities are ripe for businessmen aspiring to start a business venture in the UAE. If you also wish to pursue your entrepreneurial ambitions in the UAE, then you need to remember that you must follow the legal procedures specified by the government. One of the basic requirements that you need to fulfill is to have proper documents in place. But merely having these documents is not sufficient. You also need to get these documents attested for them to be regarded as valid in the UAE.

One of the most important documents in the UAE that you need to get attested is the Power of Attorney. Especially if you are going to appoint someone else to do the necessary tasks on your behalf. A power of attorney will need to be attested in UAE even if you have been designated by someone or your company for the completion of various tasks. The courts and the concerned departments of the government in UAE do accept Power of Attorneys as a legal document. But it is considered valid only if it has been attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE. The task of completing the attestation of power of attorney in the UAE is quite complicated, with various stages involved in the process. When you are busy with other essential tasks, it might not be possible for you to complete these formalities by yourself. But still, the task needs to be done and that too in a professional manner.This is where we come forth with our Power of Attorney Attestation Services in UAE.

At Aviaan Accounting, we are the leading provider for the Power of Attorney Attestation Services in UAE. Over the years, we have helped numerous clients with their attestation requirements and helped them conduct their business in the UAE without any worries.

Steps involved in Power of Attorney Attestation in UAE. The various steps that must be followed for Power of Attorney Attestation in UAE are
as follows: –

  • Firstly, a power of attorney must be verified by the Notary Public in the home country.
  • Secondly, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the home country must verify the power of attorney.
  • Thirdly, the UAE Embassy must attest to a power of attorney to lend it validity and credibility in the UAE.
  • Fourthly, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the UAE needs to attest the power of attorney.
  • Fifthly, a power of attorney must be translated into Arabic by authorized and approved translators. The translators must be registered with the Ministry of Justice in the UAE.
  • Lastly, Ministry of Justice in the UAE will attest the translated copy of a power of attorney. Only now is the power of attorney valid in the UAE.

Benefits of our Power of Attorney Attestation Services in UAE Here are the standout benefits that you can enjoy with our Power of Attorney Attestation Services in UAE:

  • 100% transparent pricing with no hidden costs to offer you complete peace of mind.
  • We take care of all the forms and payment of all the fees at every step. You need not worry about all these hassles.
  • Regular updates regarding the status of the attestation process to keep you informed.
  • As your one-stop solution provider, we offer attestation services for other related documents as well.
  • Our consultants have multiple years of experience in offering Power of Attorney Attestation Services in UAE and have helped clients from all over the world.

If you have any questions or queries regarding our Power of Attorney Attestation Services in UAE, then feel free to get in touch with us. Our consultants will offer you the best advice for your requirements. Contact us now.

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