Aviaan Accounting Medical Certificate Attestation

Aviaan Accounting Medical Certificate Attestation


UAE has been consistently ranked amongst the best places in the world to live and work. With excellent work opportunities and living facilities available in the region, it is not a surprise to find ex-pats from all over the world living and working here. But along with great facilities, come great responsibilities. The rule of law is the driving force in the country, and every individual, as well as the company, is expected to abide by the rules and regulations formed by the government. In order to get permission to work in UAE as well as continue living here legally, one needs to comply with different legal requirements. Having proper documents is one such requirement that every person is expected to comply with. But merely having the required documents will not suffice; you also need to get them attested from the relevant authorities in the UAE. Only after the documents have been attested, will they be considered valid.

Our of various documents that any ex-pat, as well as local person, is expected to produce to the authorities is the Medical Certificate. The medical certificate is issued by relevant authorities stating the necessary details about the medical health or medical condition of the individual. This certificate then has to be attested by relevant government departments to be considered valid. Different departments like the Home Ministry, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and several other authorities in the UAE are involved in the process for Medical Certificate Attestation in UAE.

The complex nature of the task and multiple approvals required, make it difficult for any layman to get Medical Certificate Attestation in UAE. This is where we come into the picture with our professional services for Medical Certificate Attestation in UAE. Over the years, Aviaan Accounting has carved a unique reputation in the region as one of the best document attestation services providers based on our efficient and effective services.

Why choose Aviaan Accounting?

At Aviaan Accounting, we are a leading name in the consultancy and services sector of the UAE and have been helping our clients from within the UAE as well as other countries with their Medical Certificate Attestation in UAE. Our team of consultants comprises of professional individuals with multiple years of experience in the field of document attestation in the UAE. Over the years, we have acquired expertise in Medical Certificate Attestation in UAE and know how to get the task completed in a quick manner and that too at a minimal cost.

The process of Medical Certificate Attestation in UAE involves multiple departments and needs you to fill different forms and visit the departments to get the attestation stamp on the medical certificate. We take away all these hassles from the process of Medical Certificate Attestation in UAE through our strategic tie-ups with the relevant entities. You just sit back and relax while our consultants get your Medical Certificate Attestation in UAE completed.

What do we offer?

Here are all the benefits that you can enjoy with our Medical Certificate Attestation in UAE services:-

  • Experienced consultants to complete the work in a quick time.
  • Transparent and honest pricing without any hidden costs.
  • Document pick-up and drop facility also available on request.
  • Regular and timely updates regarding the status of the task.
  • Additional document attestation services also available.

We would love to hear from your side and be of assistance in your Medical Certificate Attestation in UAE. Get in touch with us now for any questions or queries that you may have. Contact us now.

For enquiries, call +971 5679 52590 / E-mail:

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