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If you are planning to travel UAE for higher education or employment purpose, then the most important thing you need is your legal documents. To enter the country, you need to present a set of legal documents attested by a designated official. Attestation in Dubai is very strict. No matter, what the reason for your visit is you need to get your documents attested. This applies to all foreign nationals visiting the country.

However, the rules and regulations for attestation in Dubai vary based on your home country and the reason for your visit. There are many attestation firms in Dubai to help you out. Their main job is to guide you through the entire attestation process.

If you want to know more about certificate attestation services in Dubai, then you should give this article a read.

Procedure For Certificate Attestation For UAE

The process of attestation in Dubai is lengthy. It is done through multiple departments like the Ministry of External Affairs, Home Department, and the HRD Department.

To enter the country, you need to present all your educational and personal documents. You will be asked to submit the attested copies of these documents at the time of applying for your spouse visa, immigration visa, employment visa, and family visa.

Having an official seal from the UAE embassy means your documents are valid. This indicates that your documents are successfully verified and they can be accepted anywhere in the country.

You must get your documents verified and stamped from the UAE embassy to proceed forward to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE. However, the procedure doesn’t end here as you have to get the documents signed by the Ministry of External Affairs of UAE as well. Once that is done, you will be granted your visa.

The different levels of attestation in the UAE are mentioned below:

  1. Notary attestation: The first step is to get your documents attested by a notary officer on the local level.
  2. Home department: The next step is where your documents are verified by the home department. This is carried out by the state you belong from. The HRD attests to all personal and educational documents.
  3. Ministry of External Affairs attestation: The third step is where your documents are validated by the MEA.
  4. UAE embassy attestation: The attestation by MEA is re-checked by the UAE embassy to ensure the reliability of the documents.
  5. Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation: In the last comes the MOFA attestation where your documents need to be verified by the MOFA of the country you want to visit.

Attestation in Dubai is a crucial thing. Whether you are visiting Dubai for holidays, studies, or employment, you need attested documents to gain entry into the country.

You can hire attestation firms in Dubai that will help you through the attestation process. There are several such services available out there. You just have to pick the best one to get your work done.

By now you should have an idea of the entire attestation process for UAE. You can hire attestation firms in Dubai to make your task easier.

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