Nursing Degree Attestation In UAE

Nursing Degree Attestation In UAE


UAE is one of the best places to seek nursing jobs. Registered and qualified nurses in the country are paid the highest salaries. This pretty much justifies why a bunch of professionals come to the country seeking for employment every year.

Speaking of nursing jobs in UAE, you need to provide all your educational and other certificates. Also, they need to be attested for the documents to be valid. The certificates that are sent for attestation are required to be legalized by the authorities. If you want to know more about attestation services in Dubai, then you are in the right place. In this post, we will cover all that you need to know.

Documents Required for Attestation In Nursing

As already mentioned before, you need to provide your educational certificates and other important documents to apply for a nursing job in UAE. Only original certificates are valid.

Documents you need for the attestation process include:

  • Original educational certificates
  • Original mark sheets (all semesters)
  • Passport size photo 

Why Attestation Is Important?

Attestation in Dubai is very important, especially when you are a foreigner. This is not just for nursing jobs, but for all other jobs available in the country. 

There are various reasons why attesting to a nursing certificate is important. To help you understand the process, we have listed some of the important points below. A properly attested certificate is indispensable in UAE for the following scenarios:

  1. When applying for an employment visa
  2. When changing sponsors
  3. When trying to acquire a clearance certificate from the police
  4. For seeking higher education
  5. When changing professions
  6. When applying for a family visa
  7. For boosting your current salary

From the above pointers, we realise that attested nursing documents are needed for different scenarios. This will help you to go forward with the process you are involved in. This is why there is every need for you to get your certificates attested.

The Attestation Process for UAE

The procedure for attestation in UAE is dependent on the country that originally issued the nursing certificate. This factor influences the requirements and they can vary widely.

When you go for attestation services in UAE, you would notice that most of the steps are fairly standard. For example, in nursing certificates issued by India, it needs to be signed by the following authorities to get it completely attested.

  • A Notary Public in India
  • The Indian Ministry of External Affairs
  • The Mantralaya Department
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in UAE
  • The UAE Embassy in Delhi

Once you get your nursing certificates signed by each of the above-mentioned authorities, you can proceed ahead with the rest of the procedure. This will make your certificate valid anywhere in UAE. You can use this attested certificate to seek lucrative employment somewhere inside the country.

Attestation in UAE has great importance. If you are planning to apply for a nursing job in Dubai, then you need to first get all your educational certificates attested by the required authorities.

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