How to get the best deal while selling your Business in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE?

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Selling Your Business – Make The Best Deal For You And Buyer

Conducting business operations is not an easy task as situations change rapidly. Decisions vary and so do the results. Circumstances may compel you to sell your company to overcome the financial crisis. Many entrepreneurs sell their businesses and find a new opportunity. Many of them scout for new options to grow and get rid of the old ones. No matter what the reason is, you should be very careful and intuitive to fetch a good price for your hard work. Selling your business is not a sprint but a marathon. Take your time to chalk out a plan and hire a professional advisor in Dubai, UAE.

Why entrepreneurs sell their businesses in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE?

Entrepreneurs often find these following reasons quite compelling to sell their business in Dubai, UAE. 

  • Retirement: If you are planning for retirement then selling your business will be a feasible process. It will be hard to let go of the enterprise you built brick by brick. It can also be the best resource to plan your retirement as an asset.
  • Business value: If you think that your business will fetch a good value from the market, you can take this as an opportunity. Many entrepreneurs do not stick to a particular business for long. Once the businesses have reached their maturity, they intend to sell them and proceed to avail of another option.
  • Do now want to take risks anymore: Business is linked to taking risks. The higher the risk, the better is the return. Risks are also linked to downfalls and drawbacks. Many business owners do not want to take risks anymore due to unexpected results. They consider selling their businesses to those who can make a good fortune out of it.
  • Change: Many entrepreneurs like to scout new domains to seek brilliant opportunities. For them, change is permanent. They like to invest in new domains rather than sticking to a particular enterprise they developed.

How can you make it a great deal for you and the buyer?

As mentioned earlier, selling your business is a long process. It has various turns and events that you need to meet with precision. From arranging documents to setting buyers for the deal, you will have to take care of a lot of things. To make this deal ideal for you and a potential buyer, you can seek professional assistance from a business broker in Dubai.

The professional broker will aid you in the following steps.

  • Business value determination: Selling your enterprise is something you have not done before. Fixing the right value of your business is not an easy task. You will need the right resource to calculate the value of your assets and liabilities and figure out a number to work on. A broker will help you arrange such resources to calculate the right business value and proceed.
  • Financials: Every potential buyer showing interest in your enterprise will need a profit and loss statement. You will need the assistance of an accountant guided by a professional brokering agency. A buyer will consider it as a parameter to fixate a price on your enterprise. In this way, you can make it a good deal for you and the buyer.
  • Fetching a higher value: You will obviously try to fetch a higher value for your company assets. Seeking professional assistance from a business broker will help you find out the asset value and merits of your enterprise. A professional advisor will handle the buyers and demonstrate the pros of your business to them. Hence, promoting your business and laying a sales pitch will help you fetch a prominent value.
  • Transparency: Always maintain transparency while preparing documents and other legal requirements. Being honest will be rewarding. A buyer will definitely seek some answers from you. They will ask why you are selling your business. They will try to figure out the actual reason behind this venture. Maintain proper documentation and show transparency. Creating trust will help you fetch a higher price for your business.A buyer will take a couple of months to check the financials and verify the documents. The authenticity of your business documents will make the process smoother and hassle-free. Do not complicate the process and hide truths unnecessarily. Building trust will add more value to your business.
  • Terms and conditions: A buyer will definitely try to put his terms and conditions in an agreement. You will have to negotiate and put your terms accordingly. Hiring a broker will help you negotiate with the buyers and formulate the right agreement that benefits both parties.
  • Plan ahead: As we all know that selling an enterprise is not a walk in the park. You will have to put resources in the process and plan accordingly. Opportunities will surface but lack of planning can prove to be a disaster for you and the buyer.
  • Representing your business: Hire a professional advisor and broker to represent your business. A strong personality with experience and skills will be ideal for this job. The intimidating skills of a broker will be ideal for representing your business to the buyers and fetch a good deal.On the other hand, experts suggest checking the background of brokers. Find out whether he is dedicated working in your favor or not. In this way, you can close the deal fruitfully and add benefits for the buyer as well.

Things to remember

There are a few things that you need to remember when you have decided to sell your business.

  • Right time to sell: The fluctuations in the industry might pose a hurdle and affect the price of your business. Find the trends in the market with the assistance of a broker and fixate on the time to sell it. Till then, make preparations and put your business in the market.
  • Getting everything ready: Before selling your business, you will have to perform a few official things as per the protocols. For instance, audits, financials, profit & loss statements, bank account summaries, taxation documents, etc need to be filed aptly.
  • Setting an audience: Your business selling venture will need an audience. Unless you find potential buyers, all your efforts will go in vain. Prepare a sales pitch and be ready to showcase your business to the buyers you have gathered.

It is important to find the right business broker for making this venture fruitful. The broker will assist you to discover the right buyers after screening them. In this way, you can handover your enterprise to someone who recognizes its value. This is how you can make it a fruitful venture. Follow the tips and points mentioned and proceed accordingly. 

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