Which are the Different Attestation Requirements for Nursing Jobs in Dubai?


The United Arab Emirates has, over the years, become a common choice for people looking to move abroad in hopes of finding better employment opportunities. With a prosperous economy, Dubai offers endless job opportunities to eligible and aspiring individuals. One of the jobs that people move to Dubai is a nursing job. According to some reports and statistics, Dubai, along with the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia, pays some of the highest salaries to ex-pat nurses. So, it is no surprise that many people choose to move to one of the emirates in the country in order to find work as a nurse.

However, you cannot simply move to Dubai if you find a job as a nurse, or if you wish to look for one. You need to follow a certain set of rules and regulations and go through a rigorous visa procedure in order to be granted entry into the territory for work purposes. As part of the visa procedure, you would need to have your documents and certificates attested by government authorities, both in your home country and in Dubai.

What is Attestation in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE?

When you are moving abroad, for work, for education, or for any other purpose but on a more long-term basis, you would need to have your legal documents verified by different government organizations so that they can be used abroad. That is attestation, a verification and legalization process for your legal documents. Also, by having your documents stamped, the government officials know that the information you provided is correct. Without having the necessary documents attested, both by government agencies in your home country and in the one that you wish to visit (Dubai in this case), you cannot be granted a visa. You must fully understand the attestation requirements and procedure or else you run the risk of not getting your documents attested, which in turn means your visa will get denied.

Attestation Requirements for Nursing Jobs in Dubai

The documents you would need to present for attestation in Dubai will differ according to the purpose of your visit. So, if you are planning to move to Dubai for a nursing job, here are the documents or certificates you need to have attested:-

  • Personal Certificates: Irrespective of the purpose of your visit to Dubai, you need to have your personal documents like your birth certificate, marriage and/or divorce certificates, medical certificate, copies of your passport, etc. attested by the concerned authorities. These provide important yet basic details about you such as when and where you were born, your current address, the status of your health, your relationships or family life etc.
  • Educational Certificates: Again, no matter what you wish to do in Dubai, your academic certificates such as High School Certificate, Senior Secondary School Leaving certificate, diploma or degree certificates, etc. are very important and need to be stamped. These not only provide information pertaining to your educational background but are also key in cross-checking any information provided in the visa application or in other documents.
  • Nursing Degree/Certificate: A nursing certificate or degree states that you have completed a certain number of years in a nursing program and have acquired all the necessary skills required to be a nurse. In other words, the certificate states that you have completed a specific program and are now eligible to either join a higher program or to begin working as a nurse.
  • Nursing License: Much like any other license, a nursing license grants permission to the holder to begin practicing as a nurse under a certain set of guidelines. A nursing license is granted by a certified official body and states that you have fulfilled all the necessary criteria. It allows you to put your knowledge of nursing into practice. Without one, you cannot be allowed to work at a hospital or clinic as a nurse.
  • Experience Certificate: Once you have been granted a nursing license, you can begin working at a hospital or a clinic as a nurse. You must make sure to adhere to the guidelines and terms on which you were given the license. When you wish to move to Dubai for a nursing job, you must have a few years of experience. It is an Experience Certificate which states that post getting the required education and nursing license, you have worked for a certain number of years as a nurse. It states that you have successfully put your knowledge of nursing to practice and are capable of doing so in any other establishment anywhere in the world. In the simplest of words, this certificate is proof of your experience as a nurse.

Procedure for Document Attestation in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE

The procedure for attestation is the same as when you wish to go to Dubai for any other purpose:

  • Notary Attestation: It is the Notary Department of your city or state which will first attest all the documents. For this, you must go to the Public Notary or Collector’s office.
  • Home Department/ HRD Ministry Attestation: Once the Notary stamps your documents, you must take your personal documents to the State Home Department for the stamp of authenticity and your educational documents to the Ministry of Human Resource Development. Without their stamps, the Ministry of External Affairs will not attest to your certificates in Dubai.
  • Ministry of External Affairs Attestation: Responsible for overseeing the foreign matters of the country, the Ministry of External Affairs or MEA must stamp your documents after they have been attested by the Notary, Home Department, and HRD Ministry. This is the last government agency of the home country which must perform the attestation.
  • UAE Embassy Attestation: When your documents have been verified by agencies of the home government, it is the UAE Embassy which needs to stamp them. After that, you move on to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation: It is responsible for managing the foreign affairs of Dubai and is the last authority that needs to attest to your documents. You, however, do not need to be present there at the time of attestation.

Once you have fulfilled all the attestation requirements, you can move ahead with the rest of the visa procedures.

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