What are Situations that necessitate availing attestation services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi?

Situations that necessitate availing attestation services in UAE

While you might overlook the attestation of your documents, but the fact of the matter is that it is one of the most important tasks which you must accomplish if you want to get anything done in Dubai. Whether you are travelling abroad from Dubai or have to get some work done from a government department, you will need attested copies of your documents. Any documents without attestation are not considered valid by the authorities here and would eventually present you with a lot of problems. It is highly advisable to get all your documents attested even if you do not need them immediately because when the need arises, you will be ready with it.

What is attestation in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE?

Attestation in simple words means that the document has been verified by the concerned authorities and the information contained wherein has been verified. In Dubai, many government departments and agencies along with banks, educational institutions, and other private sector entities, require attested copies of the documents for all purposes. It does not matter whether you are a local resident of Dubai or have migrated there; the requirement of attested documents is applicable to everyone.

Which documents require attestation in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE?

Following are the documents that will require attestation in Dubai for all practical purposes:-

  • Educational Documents
  • Identity Documents
  • Experience Certificates
  • Commercial documents
  • And various other non-educational documents

The importance of attestation can be gauged from the fact that if the attested documents in Dubai are not available, the individual might be rejected the entitlement to most government facilities.

Situations when attestation in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE becomes mandatory

If you are wondering about the various situation where the need for attested documents might arise, then here are some of the most common scenarios which you may encounter:-

  • Admission in an educational institution:- If someone is considering getting admission into an educational institution in Dubai, then the institution will be asking for attested copies of the documents. The requirement will include identity documents, educational certificates, residency permits etc. In the absence of the attested documents in Dubai, getting admission in an educational institution in Dubai is not possible.
  • Using banking facilities:- If one wishes to open a bank account in Dubai and access banking facilities including remittance of payment, then attested documents are extremely important. The bank will open a new account for an individual or for a commercial entity only after receiving attested copies of the required documents. As a matter of fact, one can avail these facilities even if he/she is an immigrant but has undertaken proper attestation of documents in Dubai.
  • Apply for a business license:- If one wishes to set up a new business in Dubai, then it is mandatory to acquire the necessary permits and licenses. The government departments who are responsible for issuing such licenses require attested copies of the documents from the applicants. Without these documents, even the application will not be accepted by most government departments.
  • Applying for a job:- Dubai is one of the most popular destinations for expats looking for excellent career growth. While the opportunities here are abundant with numerous organisations operating in the region, one can apply for the available job only if the documents have been attested by competent authorities. Only when the documents are attested, and everything is in proper order will the individual be getting an employment visa or a labour card in Dubai. Even medical professionals like doctors and nurses also need to get document attestation in Dubai.
  • Necessary for dependants:- If one is considering moving to Dubai with the entire family, then the attestation of documents become extremely important for the immediate dependants. Whether for school admission or while applying for a residency permit, the documents must be attested. As a matter of fact, a marriage is recognised in the Dubai only if the attested marriage certificate is produced by the applicants to the authorities.
  • Purchase or sale of property:- If one is interested in purchasing a property in Dubai or wishes to sell a property located here, then attestation of the documents becomes extremely crucial. Without attested documents, the transaction will not be recognised by the authorities. Similarly, if one wishes to buy or sell a property in his/her home country, then the attestation of documents from authorities in Dubai is extremely crucial.
  • Apply for travel documents:- When one is applying for a visa to UAE or applying for a residence permit here, then the embassy of UAE in the home country of the applicant or the government department in UAE will require attested copies of the documents. Whatever may be the category of visa that one is applying for, it will only be granted after the authorities here have verified the authenticity of the documents. In the absence of attested documents, rejection of the application is inevitable.
  • Access to essential facilities:- In order to lead a regular life in Dubai and avoid any hassles, one needs to get the documents attested. It will not only establish the authenticity of the documents of the applicant but will let him/her avail the essential facilities which are necessary for a good standard of living.

The importance of document attestation in Dubai cannot be overstated. But getting the task completed is easier said than done. There are various aspects which need to be taken care of along with the time and efforts required. In such a situation, availing the services of professional agencies offering document attestation services in Dubai can come in really handy.

These agencies have the requisite knowledge and expertise to get your tasks completed as soon as possible and at a reasonable price. You need not visit anywhere for getting your documents attested in Dubai. Just get in touch with them and avail the benefits of their services as and when you want. So, do not keep thinking, avail the services of experts for document attestation in UAE and enjoy significant peace of mind.

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