How Document Attestation Affects Setting Up a New Business in Dubai?


There is a large number of people who choose to set up their own businesses or firms instead of working for somebody else. Many feel it’s better to be one’s own boss and do things according to one’s own liking. In such a case, many begin small; by setting up a small firm or shop within the same city or state but as the business begins to grow and earn considerable profits, there is a desire to expand it further. Again, many choose to do so in their own city or even country. However, there is a considerable portion of the population that wishes to take their business abroad in order to earn even more profits and make a name for themselves in the global market.

One of the most preferred destinations when it comes to setting up a new business or expanding an already existing one is the United Arab Emirates. The country is home to one of the fastest-growing economies and offers wonderful opportunities in terms of work, whether it is a regular job or setting up a business. However, if you aren’t a citizen of Dubai and wish to embark on a business venture there, there are a set of rules and regulations which you must adhere to. It is crucial that you follow every step and provide all the correct information when applying for a work/business visa or else you might not be allowed entry in the Dubai. One of the prerequisites to getting a visa and subsequently setting up a business in Dubai is document attestation.

What is Attestation in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE?

In the simplest of words, attestation in Dubai refers to a verification process that determines the authenticity of your documents and certificates. When you apply for any kind of visa to the United Arab Emirates, you must have all the necessary documents attested by various administrative or governmental agencies. This procedure is important because it will provide the authorities with details about your private and personal life and will also help corroborate any information you might have provided when applying for the visa. Without attestation or a stamp of authenticity, your visa cannot be granted. Hence, make sure to present all the documents asked of you and provide proper information. If you wish to enter Dubai with the intention of starting up a new business there, it is advisable to consult an advisor or an attestation service to make the process clearer and smoother for you.

Why is Document Attestation Important When Setting Up a New Business in Dubai?

If you seek entry into another country for any kind of reason, especially with a long-term goal, it is crucial for the government authorities of that country (the Dubai, in this case) to gather all kinds of information on you. They need to determine if you wish to enter their country with good intentions and do not aim to cause any harm. In order for them to know all this, they need to go through your documents. These documents, which are of various kinds, provide information on different aspects of your life. Only by verifying your details with the help of these legal documents and by stating that they are genuine will they allow you entry. So, if you wish to set up a business in Dubai, the concerned authorities must ensure that you do intend to start a business there and not engage in illegal activities, and must also know about the kind of business you wish to establish. Hence, getting your documents attested, especially your commercial certificates, is very important.

Documents You Need to Have Attested in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE

As mentioned before, the attestation process in Dubai is a major determinant of whether your visa is granted or not. So, proceed with care. Read and understand all the information and steps to follow, and make sure you have all the required documents ready to get attested.

  • Personal Certificates: Your personal certificates include birth certificate, marriage and divorce certificates, death certificate, passport copies, etc. These are important because they provide important yet basic details about you such as your date and place of birth, the status of your relationships, overall health condition and other such factors.
  • Commercial Certificates: When you apply for a visa with the intention of starting up a business in Dubai, your commercial documents and certificates are of utmost value. Your Export Invoice, Power of Attorney, Certificate of Incorporation, Certificate of Origin, Trading License, etc. must be attested by all the necessary authorities. The government authorities in Dubai must know everything about your employment status, assets, start-ups and further plan of action before they approve your visa. They need to ensure that you do not intend to indulge in illegal activities while in the country before they grant you permission to move there and set up a business.
  • Educational Certificates: To provide information on your educational or academic background, your educational certificates like Degree certificates, Diploma certificates, Senior Secondary School Leaving Certificate, High School certificate, transfer certificate etc. and required. These also help cross-check other personal information you would have provided on your application.

Keep in mind that there are a certain structure and procedure you must follow when getting all the documents attested. Without the stamp of attestation from the previous authorities, the subsequent ones won’t attest them. The order you must adhere to is as follows:

  • Notary Department Attestation
  • State Home Department Attestation
  • Ministry of External Affairs Attestation
  • UAE Embassy Attestation
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation (of Dubai)

When you apply for a visa in Dubai with the intention of starting a business in Dubai, you wish to engage in economic activities in the country. In such a case, Dubai government must verify every little detail about you (from your basic information, your educational qualification, commercial activities, employment status etc.) before they allow you entry into their country to begin a business venture. So, you must take complete care in ensuring that all your documents are prepared for attestation and that you follow all instructions carefully to get your visa at the earliest.

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