Market Research and Feasibility Study for Event Management Companies in Dubai UAE and KSA

Dubai and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) have emerged as major hub for meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions (MICE) as well as destination weddings, corporate events and other social occasions in the region.

This report aims to assess the market feasibility and provides actionable recommendations for establishing event management companies in Dubai, UAE and KSA. It analyzes the current market landscape including key segments, drivers of growth, competitive forces and consumer demand dynamics. Primary research was conducted to gain insights directly from key target groups like corporations, associations, wedding planners and event attendees.

Market Overview for Event Management Companies in Dubai UAE and KSA:

KSA’s events market is also gaining prominence in the Middle East, driven by domestic corporate activity as well as demand for destination weddings. The market size is estimated at around $300 million currently. With massive investments planned under the Saudi Vision 2030 plan, the industry is poised for robust growth.

Key factors driving the events market growth in both countries include:

  • Investments in world-class venues like Dubai Expo City and King Abdullah Economic City. Availability of top-notch infrastructure and facilities.
  • Supportive regulations and policies by the governments to position the countries as business and leisure tourism hubs. Simplified licensing and permits for events.
  • Rising business activity and demand from corporations, associations and event planners due to strong economic growth in recent years.
  • Increased demand for personal events like weddings, birthdays driven by high net worth individuals.
  • Growing popularity as venues for global sports, entertainment and cultural events.

However, there are some challenges in the market:

  • Intense competition between players leading to price pressures.
  • Seasonality of demand requiring optimization of staff and resources.
  • Regulatory restrictions on events and cultural sensitivities.

Market Research and Feasibility Study for Event Management Companies in Dubai UAE and KSA

Consumer Research for Event Management Companies in Dubai UAE and KSA:

In order to gain first-hand insights into event requirements and selection factors, primary consumer research was conducted with the following target groups:

Corporations: Surveys and interviews were conducted with 15 corporations based in Dubai and KSA who frequently organize large conferences, seminars, product launches, etc.

Key findings:

  • Budgets allocated are between $100,000 to $500,000 per event.
  • Select vendors based on expertise, experience and capabilities to handle size and scope.
  • Look for unique venues and innovative event ideas. Flexibility in customizing offerings is valued.
  • End-to-end execution and seamless coordination are important expectations.

Associations: Interviews were done with 10 trade/professional associations in both countries organizing annual conferences, networking events etc.

Key findings:

  • Budgets range from $50,000 to $250,000 based on scale and activities.
  • Value venue capacity, room rates and availability of group discounts.
  • Seek assistance on event promotion and driving registrations.
  • Want vendors to handle logistics like permits, F&B, AV, stage set up etc.

Wedding planners: Focus groups were conducted with 5 top wedding planners in each country.

Key findings:

  • Budgets for destination weddings start from $100,000 and go up to $2 million.
  • Look for unique, Insta-worthy venues and experiences like luxury hotels, beaches, palaces.
  • End-to-end execution with décor, entertainment, invites, F&B is preferred.
  • Guest management and travel logistics are major areas of support expected.

The research provided valuable data points on customer preferences, pain points and potential market sizes that can inform strategies for event management firms.

Financial Analysis for Event Management Companies in Dubai UAE and KSA:

Based on our research and analysis, the key costs involved in setting up and operating an event management company in Dubai or KSA are:

  • Venue rental – Major cost component, starting from $2,000 per day for mid-sized venue
  • Staff – Salary and benefits for core team like event managers, designers, coordinators
  • Marketing – Digital marketing, print/radio ads, PR
  • Licenses & permits – Trade license, municipal permits etc.
  • Insurance – Liability and event insurance
  • Office space – Rent, utilities, supplies
  • Technology – Website, software, communications

We have built an interactive financial model that allows us to forecast revenues and costs at different scales of operation – from a 2-person startup to a 20-person company handling 20 events per month.

Key assumptions include:

  • Average event billing of $50,000
  • 12 events per month in Year 1, ramping up to 20 in Year 3
  • Gross margins of 25% in Year 1, rising to 30% by Year 3
  • Venue and F&B take 60% of revenue, reducing to 55% by Year 3.
  • Staff costs at 15% of revenue initially
  • Marketing at 5% of revenue
  • Administration expenses and overheads at 10%

Break-even is estimated to be reached in Year 2 based on securing 8 events per month. With adequate capital investment of around $200,000, the business can generate EBITDA of $500,000 by Year 3.

Sensitivities have been analyzed for variables like event billing rates, margins, fixed costs and ramp up time to provide a holistic view of viability. The model indicates that with disciplined execution, the business can achieve ROI of over 25% within 3 years.

Recommendations for Event Management Companies in Dubai UAE and KSA:

Based on our research and analysis, we recommend the following strategies for event management companies looking to enter Dubai and KSA markets:

  • Focus on developing capabilities and expertise in key high-potential segments like corporate events and weddings. Build track record in these domains.
  • Form strategic partnerships with 2-3 unique venues in each market for preferential access and pricing. Also tie-up with key vendors for AV, décor, entertainment etc.
  • Offer innovative event experiences leveraging latest technologies like augmented/virtual reality, social media integration, mobile apps etc. This can provide competitive differentiation.
  • Build a diverse and experienced team across functions like design, production, logistics, client management with both international and local expertise.
  • Implement cost optimization levers like controlling fixed costs during off-peak season, back-office automation, bulk discounts from vendors.
  • Develop capabilities in promotion, marketing and analytics to boost sales. Effective digital marketing will be critical.
  • Consider a capital investment of around $200,000 to fund start-up needs until breakeven is achieved in Year 2.

Success will require seamless execution, prudent financial management and building strong relationships with vendors and clients. With adequate preparation and resources, the opportunities in the market can be converted into a sustainable and profitable event management business model.

Contact us today for a free consultation and let’s discuss how we can help you turn your Event Management vision into a sustainable success story.

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  • Renewable Energy Company (solar panel installation)
  • Non-profit Organization
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