Top Feasibility Study and Market Research Companies in Tokyo, Yokohama, Japan


Japan’s economic prowess and technological advancements have paved the way for a thriving market research and feasibility study industry. Tokyo and Yokohama, the nation’s economic powerhouses, are home to several reputable companies offering expert guidance to businesses seeking to make well-informed decisions. In this blog, we will explore some of the top feasibility study and market research companies operating in Tokyo, Yokohama. Additionally, will go through some case studies depicting the significance of choosing a correct feasibility study and market research company.


1. Aviaan accounting

Aviaan Accounting, is a leading provider of comprehensive market research and feasibility study services in Japan. With a team of experienced analysts and industry experts, Aviaan offers tailored solutions to clients across various sectors.

Aviaan’s market research services encompass competitive analysis, consumer insights, product research, and market entry strategies. Their feasibility studies cover a wide range of areas, including project viability assessments, financial analysis, risk assessment, and implementation planning.

Leveraging cutting-edge research methodologies and data analysis tools, Aviaan delivers actionable insights and recommendations to support informed decision-making processes. Their commitment to quality and adherence to international standards have earned them a stellar reputation in the Japanese market.


2. Macromill Japan

Macromill is a renowned market research company with a strong footprint in Japan. Their offices in Tokyo and Yokohama house teams of experienced researchers and analysts dedicated to providing customized market research solutions.

Macromill Japan offers a wide range of services, including market segmentation studies, customer satisfaction surveys, product concept testing, and brand health tracking. They utilize advanced research methodologies and leverage their expertise to deliver actionable insights to clients across diverse sectors.


3. Nielsen Japan

Nielsen is a global leader in market research and consumer insights, with a well-established presence in Japan. Their offices in Tokyo and Yokohama serve as hubs for their operations, providing clients with comprehensive market research and data analytics services.

Nielsen’s offerings include consumer behavior analysis, market share measurement, product testing, and brand equity studies. They leverage their extensive global database and proprietary tools to deliver accurate and reliable insights across various industries, including consumer goods, retail, and media.


4. Euromonitor International

Euromonitor International is a leading provider of strategic market research and analysis, with a regional office in Tokyo serving the Japanese market. Their team of analysts specializes in delivering comprehensive industry reports, market size projections, and consumer trends analysis.

Euromonitor’s research offerings cover a wide array of industries, including consumer goods, retail, travel and tourism, and healthcare. Their in-depth market intelligence and data-driven insights enable clients to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.


5. Intage Inc.

Intage Inc. is a reputable local firm based in Yokohama, offering tailored market research and feasibility study services to clients in Japan. Their team of experienced researchers and analysts combines local market knowledge with global best practices.

Intage’s services encompass market opportunity assessments, competitive intelligence, consumer behavior analysis, and feasibility studies for various business ventures. They employ robust research methodologies and leverage their industry expertise to deliver insightful and actionable recommendations.


Top Feasibility Study and Market Research Companies in Tokyo, Yokohama, Japan

Case Studies to depict Significance of Feasibility study and Market research companies in Tokyo, Yokohama, Japan:


Case Study 1: Feasibility Study for a High-Tech Manufacturing Facility

A leading technology company sought to establish a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Japan to produce cutting-edge electronic components. The company engaged a renowned feasibility study firm to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the proposed project.

The firm’s team of experts conducted an in-depth market analysis, evaluating the demand for the company’s products, supply chain considerations, and the competitive landscape. They also performed a technical feasibility study, assessing factors such as site selection, infrastructure requirements, and access to skilled labor. Additionally, a detailed financial analysis was carried out, considering factors like capital investment, operating costs, and potential revenue streams.

Based on the comprehensive feasibility study, the technology company gained valuable insights and recommendations, enabling them to make an informed decision regarding the viability and potential risks of the proposed manufacturing facility, as well as optimizing its location and operational strategies.


Case Study 2: Market Research for a Luxury Automotive Brand

A renowned luxury automotive brand sought to strengthen its market position in Japan and develop targeted marketing strategies. They partnered with a reputable market research firm to gather valuable consumer insights and optimize their product offerings.

The market research firm conducted extensive primary research, including consumer surveys, focus groups, and in-depth interviews, to understand local preferences, buying behaviors, and perceptions of existing brands. They also analyzed secondary data sources, such as industry reports and market trends, to identify potential opportunities and challenges.

Based on the comprehensive market research findings, the luxury automotive brand gained a deep understanding of the Japanese market dynamics, target consumer segments, and competitive landscape. Armed with these insights, they were able to refine their product lineup, develop tailored marketing campaigns, and implement pricing and positioning strategies that resonated with their target audience, driving increased brand loyalty and market share.


In conclusion, the cities of Tokyo and Yokohama in Japan are home to several reputable feasibility study and market research companies offering expert services. Whether you are seeking to assess the viability of a new project, gain valuable consumer insights, or develop an effective market entry strategy, these firms provide invaluable guidance and support. By partnering with experienced professionals, businesses can make informed decisions, mitigate risks, and achieve sustainable growth in the ever-evolving Japanese market.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Why is conducting a feasibility study important before launching a new project or venture?
Conducting a feasibility study is crucial for several reasons. It provides an objective assessment of the viability and potential success of a proposed project or venture. By evaluating factors such as market demand, competition, technical feasibility, and financial viability, a feasibility study helps mitigate risks and ensures informed decision-making.

2. How can market research benefit businesses?
Market research offers numerous benefits to businesses. It provides valuable insights into consumer behavior, preferences, and trends, enabling companies to develop targeted marketing strategies, identify new market opportunities, and stay ahead of the competition. Market research also helps businesses make data-driven decisions, reducing the risk of costly mistakes.

3. What research methodologies do feasibility study and market research companies typically employ?
Feasibility study and market research companies employ a range of research methodologies, including primary research (surveys, focus groups, interviews) and secondary research (industry reports, market data analysis). They may also utilize qualitative and quantitative techniques, as well as advanced data analysis tools and modeling, to derive comprehensive and accurate insights.

4. Can feasibility study and market research companies assist with international market entry strategies?
Yes, many reputable feasibility study and market research companies offer specialized services to support international market entry strategies. They conduct comprehensive market assessments, analyze local regulations and cultural factors, and provide recommendations on entry modes, localization strategies, and competitive positioning.




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