What are Things You Must Know When Applying for UAE Visa?


You wish to move to one of the 7 states of the United Arab Emirates, perhaps to Dubai or Abu Dhabi, say, for a new job or do pursue further education. But you aren’t a citizen of Dubai. What do you do? You apply for a visa, depending upon the reason why you wish to move there. This isn’t an easy process, especially if you apply for a non-tourist visa. The procedure is, in fact, quite long-drawn and complicated. So, you must make sure to go over the website of Dubai Embassy in your state and understand the whole process and all that you be required to do. Since it is crucial that you follow all the instructions well, it is often advisable to consult a lawyer or advisor to aid with the procedure.

What is a visa?

In simple words, a visa is a permit that is given to you by another country, stating that you are allowed entry into their territory for the purpose mentioned in the visa. A visa is stamped onto your passport and hence it is important to have one before you apply for any kind of visa. Once you apply for a visa, you would need to go to the respective embassy; Dubai Embassy in this case, in your state or city, for an interview and document verification, before your visa is approved and finalized.

Important Details About the Visa Process

As mentioned above, there is are some procedures to adhere to when applying for a Dubai visa. Here are some things you must know of when you apply for the visa:

  • A valid passport: It is nearly impossible to step foot into another country without having a passport. So, when you apply for any kind of UAE visa, make sure that your passport is valid for at least 6 more months from the time of the visa application. In case you find that your passport is about to expire, make sure to get it renewed immediately.
  • Document verification/attestation: Whether you wish to go to the UAE on a temporary basis or for a longer, more permanent time, you will need to have certain documents of yours attested by various government organizations, both in your country as well as the UAE. Attestation is basically the process of having certain certificates checked and stamped by government authorities, thus declaring their authenticity. When applying for a visa, it is absolutely necessary to have all your documents in order, so the attestation process in Dubai can go smoothly. Here are some of the documents you need to get stamped:
    • Personal certificates: Birth certificate, medical certificate, marriage and/or divorce certificates, etc.
    • Commercial certificates: Power of Attorney, License certificates, invoices, Certificate of Incorporation, etc.
    • Educational certificates: High School Certificate, Degree certificates, Transfer certificate, Senior Secondary School Leaving certificate, Diploma certificates etc.

These documents are attested and stamped in a certain order. These go through the Notary Department, State Home Department, Mini,stry of External Affairs, the UAE Embassy, and finally, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the UAE.

  • Consulting a professional: Since the visa process in Dubai can be lengthy and slightly complicated, it must be done the right way. Any errors along the way could result in your visa being denied and you have to start the whole process all over again. To avoid all this, it is best to consult a lawyer or a professional who can help you with the procedure and can clarify any doubts along the way. There are many visa service providers that you can consult with.
  • Being clear about the terms of your visa: When applying for a visa, whether a work permit, student visa, family visa, or any other kind, it is imperative that you go through all the information pertaining to it. You must understand the terms of your visa and not ignore them as that can get you in legal trouble. You must know what you can and cannot do while in the UAE, how long you are allowed to stay there, what kinds of economic activities you can carry out etc. You must also know about the laws of the country so you don’t accidentally end up breaking any.
  • Fees: As you apply for any kind of visa, you would be asked to pay a certain amount of money, most probably in the country’s currency, which here in the United Arab Emirates Dirham. Make sure to understand the various options through which you can pay the fees, and do it accordingly, and in due time. In case your visa ends up being declined, the visa fee you paid shall not be refunded. If you apply for the visa once more, you will have to pay the fees yet again.
  • Tourist visa: If you seek entry into any of the 7 emirates simply as a tourist, you must know that you cannot be employed anywhere at all. In other words, you cannot seek employment in any UAE company while you are there on a tourist visa. Doing this can lead to your visa being revoked.
  • Consequences of overstay: As mentioned in the 4 th point, once you get your visa, you need to know just how long you are allowed to stay there. In case you stay beyond the permitted date, you shall have to pay the penalty for each extra day you spend there. You would need to pay about AED 200 for each day along with an overstay fine of AED 100. There is also the possibility of you having to face imprisonment or being barred from entering the country in the future.

Moving to another country to set up a new life is a major decision and must be well thought about. And once you make the decision, you must understand full well what the legal formalities are that you need to fulfill. Do not overlook any procedures or instructions since you would be dealing with the laws of another country. Taking anything lightly can end up ruining your chances of moving to the country. So, when you apply for a visa to Dubai, go over the embassy website, keep all documents ready for attestation and do not conceal any information from the authorities, and you should be good to go!

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