Top Approved Auditors List in KIZAD Industrial Zone

Top Approved Auditors List in KIZAD Industrial Zone

KIZAD Industrial Zone is a project located in Abu Dhabi. The Free Zone was an initiative to bring a new life into the industrial sector of the country. The government wanted to achieve economic diversification by the establishment of this free zone by the year 2030. The Free Zone occupies 417 square kilometres between Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

KIZAD Industrial Zone makes it easy for a business to access raw materials and markets. The free zone is divided into two regions. Region A gives different opportunities in real estate and helps serve the requirement of the employees, clients, and visitors. Region B provides heavy and light industries, logistics industries, retails stores, commercial complexes, and numerous residential developments.

There is a range of products and services available to a business in the KIZAD Industrial Zone. These include:

  • Business Districts offer a range of facilities and services to businesses, equipped with all the requirements to help them.
  • Land leasing for businesses to develop infrastructure projects as per requirements.
  • Warehouses are pre-built and equipped with all the features which are available on demand.
  • Light Industrial Units are utilized by almost any business to deliver flexible and high-quality output to the businesses.

The three different types of licenses available in the KIZAD Industrial Zone are:

  • Industrial License- The license allows the holder to import and export machinery, assembly, and packaging of the machinery, etc.
  • General Trading License – The license allows the trading, importing, and exporting of goods. The general trading license allows the trade of general goods with the option of specific items.
  • Services License – The license allows a company to pursue Restaurant Services, Marketing Services, Consultancy Services, Travel and Tourism, Warehousing Services, and Logistics Services.

Why are Approved Auditors required in KIZAD Industrial Zone?

Aviaan Accounting has acquired colossal esteem and respect as a prime auditor in Dubai. The specialists will thoroughly understand the company and its conditions and provide a solution consequently. They assure that the client complies with the administration and present sound business solutions for financial predicaments.

Businesses should ensure the audit is conducted by Approved Auditors. Only an Approved Auditor has the power to perform a company audit in a free zone, with each having a list of Approved Auditors. Any auditor other than the approved auditor cannot conduct the audit of the company.

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