What are Facts about Attestation of Documents by Dubai Embassy You Must Know?


An economy like that of the United Arab Emirates is bound to attract many people all around the globe, and it does. There are hundreds and thousands of people every single year that make the decision to move to one of the seven emirates, hoping for better education or work opportunities. However, packing up and moving to Dubai isn’t that simple. There are many procedures that need to be followed to the T so as to avoid getting in any kind of trouble or having your visa rejected. One of those steps is getting all the required documents attested by Dubai Embassy.

Understanding Attestation in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE

Before talking about the process of document attestation in Dubai, it is important to understand what attestation in itself means. When planning to travel or move abroad, there are some documents which are required to be checked and verified by concerned authorities. They will need to stamp the documents stating that they have been reviewed and are authentic. Without having the documents verified, or attested, your visa procedure cannot move forward. In case you fail to provide some important documents, or the authorities detect some problems with the already submitted ones, there is a possibility of your visa not getting approved.

Document Attestation in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE by the UAE Embassy

The Embassy of the United Arab Emirates requires you to submit a particular set of documents to get attested if you wish to be granted a visa, for various purposes such as work, study, migration etc. These documents need to go through various agencies of the government in the country or state of issuing itself before the UAE Embassy does the final attestation. Here are some of the important documents you would need to get attested if you have applied for work, family or education visa:

  • Personal certificates: These include documents such as the birth certificate, marriage or divorce certificate, death certificate, medical certificates etc. these are required to collect and verify information regarding your country and date of birth, to see whether you are fit or unfit to perform your duties etc.
  • Educational certificates: It is very important to have these certificates [any degree certificates, diploma certificates , Senior Secondary School Leaving Certificate (SSLC), High School Certificate (HSC) etc.] attested by the concerned authorities. The reason behind these being required is that they provide crucial information pertaining to your academic status and also help verify facts mentioned in other certificates.
  • Commercial certificates: Certificate of Registration, Certificate of Incorporation, Power of Attorney etc. come under the category of commercial documents and are required especially when you wish to obtain a work visa for the UAE. These documents are needed to know about your employment status, to know about any financial assets such as property or any businesses you may own abroad.

Steps to Follow When Getting the Documents Attested in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE

It is the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates that performs one of the final steps of attestation of documents in Dubai. Before you take your documents to them, you need to have them verified by different government agencies, all within your own state. Without the stamp of authenticity by these organisations, the UAE Embassy will not verify your documents, no matter how genuine they are. Here is the order in which you need to go when getting your documents attested:

  • Notary Attestation: It is the Notary of your state which will perform the first attestation or verification. You could go to the Notary Public Office to get your documents stamped. Once you have received the stamp, it means your documents are found genuine and are ready for further verification.
  • Home Department Attestation: The next step is to get your documents attested by the State Home Department. You need to take all your certificates to get stamped. Once that is done, it means your documents provided all the right information and were also authentic. Then you move on to the Ministry of External Affairs
  • Ministry of External Affairs Attestation: When your documents have the stamps of the above-mentioned authorities, it the Ministry of External Affairs in your home country which needs to check your concerned documents to make sure that they are legitimate. Once they have checked everything, they will stamp the documents stating that they are now ready for approval by the UAE Embassy.
  • UAE Embassy Attestation: Once your home country’s government authorities have gone over your documents and attested to the fact that they are genuine, you take them to the UAE Embassy or Consulate in your state. They will again go through all the information you have provided and will cross check everything before stamping them to verify their authenticity. The next step, which is also the last step in the attestation process, pertains to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, of the United Arab Emirates.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation: This part needs to be done in Dubai itself. Do not worry! You do not need to be physically present to have your documents verified. Once all the authorities in your country, including the UAE Embassy, have attested your documents, they need to be sent to the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They will go through all the certificates and documents provided and will make sure that you wish to enter the country with goodwill and purpose before they stamp them.

Once your documents are completely attested, you are much closer to getting your visa to go to the UAE. Whether you wish to go there to study, to get married or for other family purposes, to set up business or to begin working at a firm, it is very important that you read all the instructions, fill out the form for the correct visa, stating all the right information, pay the fees and follow all the rules and requirements to increase the chances of being granted your visa on time.

If you do not provide all the required certificates or documents for proof, withhold any sort of information or miss out on a step, it is very likely that your application will be rejected, and you will not get the visa. You might need to restart the whole process if they allow for it. Dealing with the laws of another country requires extreme care and the tiniest of errors can cause a major setback or problem.

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